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High Empire of the Dragons

The High Empire of the Dragons is believed to have been one of the largest and most powerful kingdoms in the history of the known world. Dragons ruled it and subjugated huge swaths of the mortal races. It was brought by the Wars of the Titans.   All we know of the High Empire of the Dragons is myth and legend rather than true history, as it existed millennia ago during the ancient Age of Titans. Sources such at the rare and invaluable book The Dying of the Dragons recount it as a noble and truly mythic time:   ‘Once the skies were filled with the intelligent and majestic Dragons, their Empire extended throughout all of Runedastil and the heavens above, they took humanoid races under their wings to elevate them, created great works of art, practised the greatest arcane arts, and combated the threats of the savage Giant kind. Wars stretched beyond millennia as the dragons staved off the degenerative giants…’   While more common book such as About Dragons frame it in a different light:   ‘In Ages past dragons were once a commonplace sight, they ruled over Runetalras from the skies and were only opposed by giants. Dragon breath was the bane of the humanoid races and forced a great many of them into chains.’   All legends, myths, and what we can charitably call history agree that the The Wars of the Titans did much to bring the High Empire of the Dragons and the Behemoth Kingdoms to low, but it was the Dracoplague that brought an end to the High Empire of the Dragons, an end domination Dragon kind, and end to culture and civilization of the dragons.

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