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Arch Donagogue Martus' Treatises on the Elves

In conclusion the elves have proved so hostile for threefold reasons. Firstly, the elves seem to have an innate connection to nature and ‘their’ forests. They seem happier to live in their woodland shacks, or their age old settlements, this has put them at odds with humanity who are forward looking and seek to advance. Humanity's drive to create a better world inevitably leads us to harvest the woods or their lands for the sake of progress. Secondly, the elves represent the ‘old’ obsolete way, steeped in so-called magic, prophecy, and the times of the elder races. Humanity represents the antithesis of this, humans are the future, progress, and this has led the elves to be vengeful and bitter. Thirdly, the elves are too noble and proud to accept they no longer dominate the world. To this end the elves reject assimilation into Human society unlike the dwarves, gnomes, halflings, and even Dragonborn and tieflings who assimilate and provide value to Human settlements. This rejection of assimilation has led to the elves fruitlessly taking up arms in their Tee'Chaher, wasting their youths in pointless bloodshed that can never defeat the heart of humanity.

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