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The City of Drakkenheim was once the capitol of Westemar. It was built by the Von Drakken family whose crest bore a dragon. As such, the dragon motif is evident throughout Drakkenheim. The Von Drakkens united, by war or treaty, much of what would be Westemar at its height before the day of the meteor. All things come to an end, and the rule of the Von Drakkens did not last forever, but Westemar survived and came to ruled under a new family, the Von Kessels.

Naming Traditions

Feminine names

Yosephine, Carla, Rosalie, Alma, Antonia, Elma, Nancy, Irma, Lenore

Masculine names

Carl, Lars, Dominic, Johann, Christoph, Otto, Philipp, Gunnar, Ernst, Stephen, Gregor

Family names

Oppenheimer, Boll, Wegner, Vogel, Klein, Heinz, Brauer, Weis, Schneidermann


Major language groups and dialects


Common Myths and Legends

Saint Vitruvio was merely a local legend at one time. A hero only remembered by a small village with an equally small shrine. It was a simple affair raised by his compatriots and a thankful village to a man who died fighting a dragon. The legend was taken up by a small noble family, who one day married into the larger Von Drakken family. The Von Drakkens were greatly taken with the story of Vitruvio and adopted it into their family. By this time the man was a great hero who befriended a dragon and was made an honorary member of the Von Drakken line. By the time the Von Drakkens rose to prominence, Vitruvio was now canonized as a Saint of the Sacred Flame. He counted miracles among his great deeds. He rode a mighty dragon, Argonath, and together they fought evil across the realms. When Drakkenheim was built, the great cathedral in the city was dedicated to Saint Vitruvio, the new national hero of Westemar.

Major organizations

The Faith of the Sacred Flame is the major religion in Westemar.
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