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The Fall of Umagra-Shoth

Long ago, in the dark age of the Sorcerer-Kings, this land was ruled by Umagra-Shoth. He was a cruel and evil tyrant who ruled with an iron fist. He fed on the souls of his subjects to prolong his life. So vile was his magics that the land rotted.
One day a light rose up to counter the darkness. Saint Tarna, founder of the Faith of the Sacred Flame came to this land, leading an army of the faithful. They laid siege to the tyrant's tower. None could stand against the Saint as she fought her way to top of the tower. There she engaged Umagra-Shoth in single combat. His dark magic was powerful, but it could not stop Saint Tarna, blessed as she was by the Sacred Flame. She called upon the cleansing power of the Flame as she smote the Sorcerer-King a mortal blow, crushing his ribs beneath her powerful mace.
Wheezing, Umagra-Shoth cursed and swore that one day, the land would be devastated, the people would die, and monsters would rise to consume all that remained. Then Saint Tarna shattered his skull, and the tyrant was finally dead. With the Sorcerer-King's death, the tower shook as if in an earthquake. An angel appeared, and flew the Saint down to safety as the very earth seemed to open up to destroy all that remained of Umagra-Shoth and his tower.
There was much rejoicing at the death of Umagra-Shoth. The people were free, and the land healed beneath the benevolent rule of new lords who worshipped the Sacred Flame. In time the region was claimed by the von Drakken family and would become the core of the Realm of Westemar.


The core components of the legend are as follows:
  • Umagra-Shoth was an evil tyrant
  • They were slain by Saint Tarna
  • They swore a terrible curse with their dying breath

Historical Basis

Umagra-Shoth was a Sorcerer-King who ruled the region that would one day be northern Westemar. Like the other Sorcerer-Kings, he was overthrown by the Faith of the Sacred Flame during their crusade. The war against him culminated in his stronghold, the future site of Drakkenheim.


The story is well known throughout Westemar.

Variations & Mutation

In some variants, Saint Tarna rides a pegasus and fights an arial battle against Umagra-Shoth who rides a dragon. This variant was actively suppressed by the von Drakkens and is rare within the Realm of Westemar. Many variants mention an Orb carried by Umagra-Shoth that gave him great power. In some stories, it is when Saint Tarna shatters the Orb of Umagra-Shoth that the tide of battle turns in her favor. Other variants claim the Orb remained intact and was either claimed by Saint Tarna or carried off by the dragon.
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