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The Interta

The prison of the Corruptor. Urbis the World Ender drifts here among the celestial building blocks. Fragments of prehistory, forgotten paths of creation, abandoned like Urbis' withered form. The scarce ecosystem supports a small population of the Introdaiwho repeat a harvest and hibernation cycle century after century, mostly to avoid consumption by the Devourer, guardian of the void.

What is known (Occult or Religion DC 18)

Factual information about the Intera is very sparse. Those that journey there and return safely are largely of two types - Adventurers and Profiteers. Adventurers are rarely reliable narrators, favoring embelishment over reality. Profiteers speak little about how they got there, much less what they found, especially if they find a market for it. The Interta is currently believed to be the last identifiable plane within the Alyerian cosmic make up. This dark and wonderous plane is the furthest from the Well or Aetheric core of the universe, the plane at the end of all planes. What scholars and scientists can piece together state that the Inerta is vast, perhaps the largest extra-material plane. Resembling outer space, though there are no reports of stars, settlements or cities. There are masses of black material, varying in size from small to megalithic, barely visible in this shadow filled realm. Sparse bio-luminescent plants and lifeforms help to seperate the drifting masses from their inky backdrop.   Some speculate that this dimension is the remains of a failed creation, and abandoned contruction or scrapyard, the early works of the Primes. Several myths of lost civiliations and even entire species may be eventually linked to this space largely presumed to be empty. It is a largely dead space that hosts the remains of giant beings and lost civilizations. The origins of these remnants is a mystery to most on the material plane. Those inhabitants and factions that have scavenged the essentials for survival have no way to leave this dark, hopless space. At least no technology or magic of their own. Some have escaped when they have encountered the brave or fool hearty adventurers that have sought out this dreary place for one reason or another. Trading rare celestial materials and lost knowledge for transprotation to other realms.
  Traveling to the Inerta is cautioned against and requires traversing through the other elemental planes and a series of labrynthine locks in the form of ancient mazes. There is no known direct path to the Inerta. The journey, should one foolishly seek to go there, would be fraught with challenge and danger from many sources and factions. This all the more increases the mystery of how the Prime of Corruption was cast there to begin with. Some texts indicate that it was only through the combined might of the elemental Primes that enabled the dark lord to be so swiftly inprisoned there.   Theories persist and myths spread with relent. One of the most prevelant myths is that the Prime of Corruption Urbis was trapped there by the heroes of the War of Shadows. Texts exist losely detailing his exile, but the centuries that have passed since degrade the true facts of this event. Urbis' imprisonment is made all the more complete by his seperation from all other planes, even Prima, the undefined source of all things, Origin and Creation. His gaunt and powerless form weakened.   The occasion individual can be heard in an out of the way tavern talking of there experiences walking the plains and having visited the Intera. Take these tales with caution as the treasures spoke of have been cast there for a reason.
Dimensional plane
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