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The Omnipresence

The Omnipresence is a collective of churches and people that dedicate themselves to expanding their control of RUIN so that they can pursue the collective goal of obtaining Omnipresence. The power structure is ranked by levels of enlightenment and dedication to the cause; authority is ranked with Priest at the bottom holding nearly no power over any military action, Zealot are above them acting out a multitude of tasks varying from social work, to scouting, to espionage, and even certain commanding positions of war. Those who have proven their dedication to the cause ascend to Terminus and gain the rank of Saint; where the person they were dies and a new life can be begun. Saints are only ever seen when a miracle is required of them and they are quick to act and even quicker to leave. Few can tell tales of their actions, but miricale is a common term used to describe them. The military forces of The Omnipresence are quite different from spiritual, Automatons constructed for warfare dominate battlefields with unique and unpredictable tactics. Each made for a different purpose, but all fighting with the same belief in Omnipresence.

We are blessed to see the world through the same eyes and share our new experiences

Geopolitical, Theocracy
Alternative Names
The Cult, Omni, Agitators
Government System
Related Ranks & Titles

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