Relic of Reconnaissance

This device was crafted into the helmets of the elite reconnaissance and espionage units of the Ancient Jiao Empires. It allowed the user to gain useful information on their environment and enemies, while also recording, organizing, and sorting the information for analysis. This information is automatically recorded and transmitted via magical means across the Multiverse to the Jewel of the Five Elements. The Intel can be analyzed manually or Magically, as by the Relic of Lee Huangdi.  

Enemy Analysis.

Wearing this wondrous item allows the user to learn enemy weaknesses and strengths. Using in-game description, the DM will convey to the user important details from the creatures' Statblock. This device doesn't reveal legendary, lair, or mythic actions unless the action in question has been observed at some time in the past by another user of any other Relic of Reconnaissance.  

Environmental Analysis.

This item also grants advantage on either Wisdom (Perception) checks or Dexterity saving throws made to search for or evade traps, respectively. A user can freely summon a brief read-out of details on weather or nearby terrain hazards at will.
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