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Rabiah Bishara (a.k.a. Jameela)

The opulent chamber of Bayt al-Khafiq was awash in the golden glow of flickering lanterns, casting dancing shadows on the walls. Jameela stood there, her powerful frame a stark contrast to the room's delicate decor.   "Could I... um, could I have a hug?" The client's voice trembled, a note of vulnerability cutting through the air.   Jameela raised an eyebrow, her eyes narrowing for a moment as if sizing up a potential threat. Then, with a curt nod, she stepped forward.   The hug was, well, very Jameela. It was like being embraced by a bear—powerful, protective, but not exactly gentle. Her strong arms enveloped the client, squeezing just a tad too tightly, as if she were testing the tensile strength of a new weapon.   As quickly as it began, it was over. Jameela stepped back, her face unreadable.   "There, you got your hug," she said, her voice tinged with a timbre that hinted at her half-orc heritage. "Anything else?"   The client shook their head, a bewildered smile spreading across their face. They had asked for a hug and received an experience, a brief but unforgettable encounter with the enigmatic jarya known as Jameela.

Physical Description

General Physical Condition

Jameela's physique is a paradox, a harmonious blend of grace and power. Her muscular frame, reminiscent of an Orc hordes-man, belies an agility that allows her to move with the fluidity of a dancer through life's most perilous stages. Though robust in health, her body bears no visible scars, a silent testament to her skill in navigating a world fraught with danger and intrigue.

Body Features

Jameela's physique is a study in contrasts, a harmonious blend of power and grace that defies easy categorization. Her shoulders, broad and strong, bear the weight of her dual life with an unspoken resilience. They transition seamlessly into arms that are both muscular and supple, capable of wielding a blade with deadly precision or offering a comforting embrace with equal ease.   Her torso is a testament to her disciplined training, sculpted yet not overly so, exuding a natural strength that is neither flaunted nor concealed. It is a body honed for specific tasks, be it the delicate art of seduction required in her role as a jarya or the lethal skills demanded of an assassin. The subtle interplay of muscle and movement beneath her skin speaks to a life of rigorous training and high-stakes missions, yet it also whispers of vulnerabilities kept hidden from the world.   Descending further, her hips and legs embody a similar duality—powerful enough to ground her in combat, yet flexible enough to navigate the intricate dances of her nightly performances. They are the pillars upon which her complex life is built, providing both stability and mobility as she traverses the perilous landscapes of her existence.   Every sinew and contour of Jameela's body tells a story of conflict and compromise, of a life lived on the edge of contrasting worlds. It is a physique that invites both admiration and speculation, arousing curiosity about the woman who inhabits it and the secrets she harbors.

Facial Features

ameela's facial features present a study in contrasts, a delicate interplay between demure beauty and stern resolve. Her bob haircut frames her face elegantly, the dark strands falling just above her shoulders in a style that suggests both practicality and a subtle flair for aesthetics. Her pointed chin lends a certain angularity to her visage, a geometric counterpoint to the soft curves of her button nose and rosy cheeks. The skin is a warm shade of brown, its texture smooth yet imbued with a certain ruggedness that hints at her life's many challenges.   Yet, it is her expression that adds the most compelling layer to her appearance. Despite the inherent prettiness of her features, her eyes and the set of her mouth convey a sternness, a gravity that belies her youthful beauty. It's as if her face is a battleground where softness and severity vie for dominance, a poignant reflection of the complex, multifaceted life she leads.

Specialized Equipment

The Duscaebron Device: A Veil of Pleasure and Pain Hidden among the silks and scents of Jameela's chamber lies an object of beguiling allure and concealed menace—the duscaebron device. To the untrained eye, it appears as an exotic sex toy, a yonic sculpture crafted from the rare and lustrous metal known as duscaebron. Its surface shimmers with an otherworldly sheen, captivating the gaze and igniting the imagination.   Yet, this is no mere instrument of pleasure. Originating from the shadowy realm of the Shadar-kai, this device is a relic of torture, designed to inflict exquisite pain even as it promises ecstasy. Its intricate mechanisms can be activated with a subtle twist, transforming it from an object of desire into an implement of agony.   Jameela employs the duscaebron device with calculated precision. When cornered by male patrons whose company she seeks to escape, she introduces the device as a rare and exotic offering. The initial moments are filled with the promise of unparalleled pleasure, a promise that swiftly turns to torment as Jameela activates the device's hidden mechanisms. The experience leaves her patrons chastened, their desires quenched by a pain they cannot comprehend, and they seldom seek her private company again.   The strange duscaebron device serves as both shield and sword in Jameela's arsenal, a testament to her ingenuity and her unyielding quest for autonomy within the confines of Bayt al-Khafiq.

Mental characteristics


Jameela's sexual identity is a complex tapestry woven from the threads of her experiences, her emotional landscape, and her personal preferences. She identifies as a lesbian, a facet of her identity that she has largely kept private due to the nature of her work and her deep undercover role as a jarya in Bayt al-Khafiq. Her attraction to women is a deeply personal aspect of her life, one that she has rarely had the opportunity to explore openly.   Jameela's work often puts her in intimate situations with men, but she navigates these professional encounters with a detachment that allows her to maintain her boundaries while fulfilling the expectations of her role. Her ability to do so is a testament to her emotional resilience and her commitment to her mission.   It should be noted that Jameela's sexual identity is further complicated by her unspoken feelings for Kamilah, her close friend and coworker. These feelings add another layer of complexity to her identity, serving as both a source of emotional richness and potential vulnerability.

Personality Characteristics


Jameela's existence is a crucible of contradictions, a dance on the knife's edge between duty and desire. Her soul yearns for freedom, a tantalizing mirage offered by the malevolent Azernathy Brüd. Each life she takes, each secret she guards, is a stepping stone on the treacherous path to her own liberation.   Yet, her heart whispers other truths. A clandestine attraction to Kamilah adds emotional complexity to her life, a secret yearning that could either be her undoing or her salvation. It's a delicate balance, a hidden facet of her identity she dare not reveal.   Masterful in the lethal arts of poisons, Jameela wields this deadly knowledge as both weapon and metaphor. Each vial she crafts is a distillation of her life's dichotomies—freedom and bondage, life and death.   Her Half-Orc lineage, a concealed aspect of her identity, subtly colors her worldview. Neither fully embraced nor wholly rejected, it exists as a nuanced shade in her otherwise black-and-white existence.   Jameela is a living paradox, a woman torn between the stark imperatives of her mission and the complex tapestry of her inner life. Her actions, her choices, are fueled by this tension, making her a character of compelling depth and relatability.
Lawful Evil
Current Status
Deep Cover
Current Location
Year of Birth
1508 PE 19 Years old
Parts Unknown
Current Residence
Narrow, dark eyes
Short bob
Skin Tone/Pigmentation
Light Brown
185 lbs.
Aligned Organization

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