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Cult of the Dragon Queen

In the shadowed corners of the Mythic Land of Jiao, whispers of the Cult of the Dragon Queen slither through the alleys and hidden chambers of the city of Jiaohai. A mystery wrapped in enigma, the cult is a complex tapestry of ambition, secrecy, and dark devotion, all aimed at one supreme goal: the resurrection of Tiamat, the Dragon Queen.   The Cult of the Dragon Queen is not a singular entity but a fragmented assembly of five distinct sub-factions, each reflecting a facet of Tiamat's multifaceted nature. Together, they form the Secret Dragon of Jiaohai, a hidden force that operates with stealth, cunning, and relentless determination.  
  1. Black Horn Society: Delving into occult knowledge, forbidden lore, and dark secrets, they are the keepers of truths that should not be known. Their secret gatherings are gateways to hidden artifacts and shadowy connections.
  3. Blue Wing Knights: A militaristic order, they hoard treasures in honor of a secretive Dragon ancestor. Their mounted combatants and polearm experts serve a purpose concealed in mystery and zeal.
  5. Green Claw Cult: Worshipping a legendary clawed serpent, they master the art of poison, training body and spirit to resist its deadly allure. Their worship is illegal, their connection to the Secret Dragon known only to their enigmatic Leader.
  7. Red Fang Gang: Ruling through fear, arson, and extortion, they hoard treasures and breed fighting Drakes. Their connection to Tiamat is veiled in uncertainty, hidden behind the motif of a red dragon.
  9. White Tail Sect: Deep within this secretive sect, the truly cold-hearted may unlock the mythic secrets of Tiamat. Their intentions are as icy and impenetrable as their hidden beliefs.
  The overall goal of the Cult of the Dragon Queen is singular and unyielding: to resurrect Tiamat and unleash her chaotic power upon the world. This ambition drives them, binds them, and shapes their every action. They infiltrate other Dragon cults, manipulate politics, control underworld activities, and Weave a web of intrigue that reaches far beyond the city of Jiaohai.   In a world where dragons are revered, feared, and loved, the Cult of the Dragon Queen stands as a testament to the intricate dance of existence, a dance that honors Tiamat as a living symbol of chaos, power, and transformation. In the heart of Jiaohai, the Secret Dragon stirs, its five heads poised to strike, its eyes fixed on a world teetering on the brink of a new era. The dance continues, a dance that echoes through the hearts and souls of those who seek to awaken the Dragon Queen, a dance that promises to reshape the very fabric of Rolara, a dance that resonates with the eternal pulse of existence itself.
Religious, Cult
Alternative Names
Secret Dragon of Jiaohai
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