The Orcs

Disaster / Destruction


The orcs came up into the lands from the depths of the earth where they had been spawned.

Finally something happened which caused the two races to stop fighting each other: The Orcs. The terrible spawn of The Darkness and Earth came up into the lands from the depths, first encountering the dwarves in their halls and subterranean fortresses but soon also encountering the fey on the surface. These new foes were so terrible and utterly opposite to both the fey and the dwarves that the two races of Light immediately put aside their differences and joined forces to defend themselves against the orc invaders.   Battles raged across the lands and under them as the orcs and their goblin and giant allies fought running battles against the allies of Light. None of these races could dominate the others and slowly, over the centuries, the battles drew to a standstill as each side carved out their own territories. Thus the War of Light and Darkness began.

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