Myrddin is Albion's mysterious sorcerer. No one is wholly sure who he is.


No one knows this man's background, where he came from or what his goals are.  


Myrddin was instrumental in steering the Fellowship of the Sun through the The Chaos Wars. He appeared seemingly at random throughout the wars, to prod and push the Fellowship, though often with riddles and cryptic messages and never answering questions directly. He was very enigmatic throughout, and towards the end the Fellowship were very frustrated with him.   He was rewarded by King Jarrad I and was entrusted with the Book of Vitiris and Key of Seven Stars to keep safe. No one has seen anything of him or them since.  

News and Rumour

  • Some say Myrddin is Titus reborn.
  • Others say Myrddin is Callindrill reborn.
  • Others still that he is an angel sent from The Light to guide the lands.
  • Some say he is King Eldred's ghost.
Current Location