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Sir Ermenred

Physical Description

General Physical Condition

Ermenred is 5' 11" tall with dark hair and brown eyes. He has simple but well maintained travelling clothes, a light crossbow, backpack and a quarterstaff. He's about 155 llbs, and looks fit and young and healthy without looking particualrly strong or quick. The most unusual thing about him, if anything, is the beautiful jet black raven that accompanies him that he lovingly calls Winifred. A raven that can speak no less! Ermenred is clearly sharp witted and there in his gaze, if you're wise or clever enough to notice, you can sense the struggle between latent power and self control.

Mental characteristics

Personal history

Born in Waymeet as the 3rd son in a merchant family 18 years previously, Ermenred became a big disappointment to his father quite early on in life. His father was a successful merchant and fully expected his male heirs to join him in the family business. Only those who joined the army or church were to be exempt, as they would, of course, serve the King. Thus his father fully expected Ermenred to follow suit. Initially the boy proved he had potential. He was very bright and learned quickly taking a natural interest in all things around him. Soon though the boy's interest in facts and figures and profit and loss waned and one fateful day he saw a friend of his who told him that the great court wizard was looking to take on an apprentice.   Ermenred somehow knew that this was what he wanted to do and immediately asked his mother and father for permission. Naturally his father was outraged. Become a wizard he would spit, over my dead body. All seemed fruitless until finally Ermenred's mother persuaded the boy's father that he could go. After all he was highly unlikely to be chosen and then would have to forget the ridiculous notion   But Ermenred wasn't unsuccessful and much to his mother's astonishment and his father's disbelief he was chosen to become the apprentice of the great Sir Arundel.   And my how that changed him!
636 AR 657 AR 21 years old
Circumstances of Death
Killed by cultists of The Demon Prince
Place of Death
Aligned Organization