Creation Myth

The Void was a maelstrom of swirling and powerful energies. Fire, earth, air and water roiled in an endless dance. Never standing still; always in flux. Amid this turmoil of fundamental Elemental forces, two primordial energies battled endlessly. Darkness and Light were one another’s nemeses, each an anathema to the other. They waged an unending war for supremacy in the Void. And all was in balance.  
The Light cover
  Then a rift formed in the edge of the Void and some elemental energies spilled out. They spun into the nothingness beyond and coalesced to form a huge lump of earth, fire and water, cocooned in a bubble of air. Thus was the planet now called Rodinia formed.   But the elements were not all that escaped that rift. Darkness poured forth into the space beyond the Void and filled it. Moments later followed the Light. It was but an instant later in the reckoning of time, but coming second to the space beyond the Void was hugely significant. Light was only able to find small spots in the space that Darkness had not already filled. Thus were the stars formed.  
The Darkness cover
  Yet Light was the first to find the planet. And it created a giant sun in the air above the planet and Light suffused the lands. Then Darkness arrived and the two began their eternal battle over the lands. The buffeting of these primordial forces caused the world to spin in place and so the Light’s orb was visible to each place on the land for half the time. The rest of the time the land was thrown into darkness.   After a time the Light created life on the planet, as was its way. The Fey were creatures of the Light and the element of air. They began to spread and thrive in the fields and valleys of the lands. They populated the sylvan woods and the deeper, airy forests. And they thrived. The Light worked with the element of earth and so moulded the first of the Dwarfs. These creatures burrowed into the earth, which concerned the Light until it saw that they were a goodly and honourable race. They did not dig too deep and spent much of their time on the surface in the light.   The Darkness was not to be outdone and it too created life, though this life was foul and wicked. Darkness merged with the earth to make the races of Orcs, goblins and giant-kind. It merged with fire to create the powerful and malign dragons. These creatures of Darkness moved into the deep dark places of the world. They tunnelled underground. They found caves and holes to live in. They made their lairs in the deepest, darkest forests and swamps.   The fey and the dwarfs did not get along, being from opposite elements, but their joint heritage of the Light stopped them from outright war most of the time. The orcs, goblins and giants warred constantly - with the fey and dwarves when they could find them; with each other when they could not.   Then a most unexpected and unlikely event occurred. Millennia ago, a union of fey and orc occurred. From this union a new race was sired. This race combined the benevolence of the Light and the destructive nature of Darkness. It combined the energies of the four elements. It was a race of Balance. Thus was humankind spawned.   Humans were voracious. Much shorter lived than their cousins, the fey and the dwarves, they lived life to the full, devouring all opportunities that presented themselves. This energetic and driven race explored; they questioned; they invented and they bred. And soon they took over. It wasn't long before the humans were so numerous that they forced the fey out of the lands that had been forever their own. The humans preferred to live in the flat and arable lands where the fey had lived for time immemorial. And the humans were warlike so they forced their desires on the more peaceful fey.   The Darkness that made up half the human spirit drove them to take what they coveted. They would negotiate and compromise where possible. But if they came across an adversary who would not listen, they were merciless. Thus they drove the fey out of the fertile lands and into the forests. They pushed the dwarves deeper underground.   But the humans also hated the foul orcs and goblins. These creatures of Darkness would fight first and talk second. This was not the right way to deal with the proud and aggressive humans. As the orcs and goblins fought the newly arriving humans for access to the tillable lands, the humans, growing far superior in numbers, drove the orcs back into their dark holes and lairs.   Thus humanity grew to become the primary species on the surface of the World of Rodinia. Now, the humans are everywhere, and their mixed nature of shadow - merging the mercy of Light with the hostility of Darkness and the energies of the four elements - means that the land remains in balance. For the most part.