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Vurak is Great Inventor Drathan, learned from Big Smith-Sister. Vurak is currently searching for things in Shar.

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Hastily Scribbled Addition to Note to Grelk-Folk

[The following is written in a Pidgin mix of Draconic and Giant, and encoded additionally.]   Vurak survived monsterkilling. Went to Hotplace-Plane and talked to Wonderperson for advice.   Vurak askbegged Dominion-Folk for help, and Dominion-Folk will send help for Grelk-Folk. Letter is proofwriting. Bring madethings and all of Grelk-Folk if possible. Vurak does not know planmakings, but if presented, only trust if no Köll-crest. Vurak is busy doing explorework with Big-Folk and cannot cometalk immediately. Preferred method of spawnkilling is crackfalling, is how Vurak killed ten years ago, is not possible in Shar-place. Vurak has fruit and meat to give to Grelk-Folk when come, even some other foodthings. And Vurak can now help with angerath.   Vurak has lotsmuch to say. Please survive. Be careful. Gelethis-Big-Folk are watchlooking and searchseeking.

Note to Grelk-Folk

[The following notes are written in a Pidgin mix of Draconic and Giant, and encoded additionally.]   Vurak notewrites in case Vurak dies. Is tellwrite for Material-Plane. Date is Drathan-Folk can roamwander freely. Dominion-folk look at Drathan-Folk like personpeople. So, Drathan-Folk have rights in Material-Plane. Is important, because when Drathan-Folk travelflee to Material-Plane, Köll cannot abducttake back to Gelethis. Not easily.   Safest people are Fane-Folk. Have to help because of Blood-Magic, but follow Dominion-state most. Avoid deathmagic and corpsedestroying. Trustworthy Fane-Folk are "Mafë" in Qesrir and "Daneýla" in Madras. If no Fane-Folk are around, Vurak vouchspeaks for Big-Folk Vurak has travelgone with personself. May not lookseem at all, but despite better judgethink and first impressions, certain seem trustworthy enough. Is difficult to really say what Vurak feels for these Big-Folk. Too much to note.   Against all thoughts Vurak had at first, Big Bug-Sister "Pari" is one. Is one Vurak warned about before. Is important not to be too healthmedicine-interesting, or will get intriguedexcited. Likes researchdoing on plants and animals, sometimes people or self. Likes Big Metal-Brother, like bondmates, only less clan-like. Hates Fae-Folk, having work stolen, Warden-Folk, and obstructkeeping of experiments. Cooperatehelp as much as necessary. Aside from shootstaff, relies on magic, is healer and can make medicine. Body weak, mind strong.   Big Stone-Brother "Teremun" also surprisingly good despite tallheight. Offered to take Grelk-Folk to Amanhet-Place. Vurak is not sure if offer is nowcurrent still. Likes cooking and honestspeak, helping Veldrani-Folk. Hates Veldrani-Folk named "Maarhul", trickery, dishonesty. Has Vurak-made hook, but mainly has to closefight.   Tricky is Big Metal-Brother "Belladonna". Understands dirtyfight, works towards finishgoal. Likes money, treasure, alcohol, and Big Bug-Sister. Hates stupidmocking of family or Big Bug-Sister. Most versatile, Vurak helped with ranged-combat. Very weak to fireflame, especially in face. Wears metal armor.   Finally, most difficult is Small Mask-Uncle "Noct". Title saytells. Likes rememberfinding and achieving goals. Hates gods, snakes, Tussari-Folk, people who speaktalk too much. Has disdain for people in general. Very like Big-Folk. Have something to give if must, is very pragmatic. Powerful closeattacks, little range. Can summonbring creatures from Dark-Plane. Wears metal-armor.   Vurak hopes note will not be necessary. If will become, read, memorize, and destroy. Do not look for corpse. Do not seek avengedoing. Stop Chnukh, Shnukh, Kadnes, Norkas, and Frirsk if needed. Vurak-things are in "Talima Lodge" in Quesrir-Place. Sun can be seen. Water falls from sky, is normal. If have time, try watching "sun-set". Is great-best thing Vurak has seen in life.   To melting ice.   Vurak, Great-Best Thingmaker of Grelk-Folk.

Log of Vurak 1

In effort to keep track of events during time in Material-Plane with Big-Folk, Vurak has decided to keep log. Vurak has been in Material-Plane for some time now. Sun shines, clouds rain, birds sing, flowers bloom. Weather is hot and humid, green everywhere. City is lively.   Psorkk is sleeping well. Scale colour indicates good health, is active, sleeps much. Vurak continues to keep watch for any strange occurrences; nothing so far. Enjoys sleeping especially on wood of lodge, sometimes on spare space of Vurak's pillow. Seems to enjoy wrapping around Vurak's neck as well as receiving stimulation at skull-neck joint. Vurak has determined Psorkk receives particular stimulation from area towards spine, close to horns. Still declines all food and drink, but still seems to be doing well. Must be nature of being familiar-creature.   Vurak has invented again. Has created Mist-Inator and Climate-Inator. Climate-Inator is functional and works well. Vurak has even made pretty. Mist-Inator has been perfected as much as possible and is pending for provisional patent. In addition, Vurak took on commission from Small Mask-Person and created glove for grappling, as well as created grappling hook for Big Stone-Brother out of curiosity and because Vurak got sick of always looking at Mist-Inator.   Biggest challenge of grappling hook was optimization. Hook self was not too difficult; had to be fitting for Big Stone-Brother's height and strength. Chain was much more difficult and took two weeks to optimize. Not only stability had to be taken into account, but also weight and form to allow for ease of throwing, not too much weight to pull down hook before hitting, as well as enough thickness and stability for grappling and pulling enemy, to withstand possible struggle. Vurak has learned much from this endeavour.   Rock-Voice has grown largely silent. When speaking, Vurak thinks there may have been subtle shift, but may very well be Vurak's imagination. There is possibility Rock-Voice has grown weary of Vurak as well and spends time differently, but Vurak must remember about distraction Rock-Voice has referred to. After thinking, Vurak may spend more time paying attention to Rock-Voice for more insight into suspicious state. Vurak may have suspicion, but theory is lacking in evidence so far. Vurak shall record any further insights and findings.   Furthermore, Academy told Vurak that Vurak is likely to win case in matter of patent. Loruq will remember what has done to Vurak - Vurak will pay attention to whether Loruq may have been tricked, obviously, but even then, must have been conscious decision. Vurak does not care as much. Vurak wants Vurak's name to be associated with Mist-Inator, and will make sure to make known who invented Mist-Inator.   Finally, for Big-Folk. Not much to say. Vurak will keep watch on Big-Folk and suspicious activities, both in- and outside. Will also attempt more talks to Big Mute-Brother after return from mission with suspicious person. Despite all efforts of Vurak self, but even more so of world, seed of hope seems to yet live on in Vurak. Maybe is Rock-Voice's influence. Vurak has always behaved foolish in this regard - but maybe is not that bad. Maybe there really is hope, even for someone like Vurak. Maybe Vurak is lost cause, but at least Vurak is young in spirit. Not necessarily good or bad. Vurak's arm is fine. So far.   To do:
  • develop and work on next Inator
  • keep eye on Big-Folk, especially on Cold-Folk and Big Mute-Brother
  • watch progress of Psorkk and Rock-Voice
  • return from mission in Shar-place alive
  • develop means of hiding logs from nosy eyes
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