Frozen Casket

Unknown to most citizens of Gelethis, the Frozen Casket is a maximum-security prison constructed to detain the worst criminals and the most valuable prisoners of the Exarchy. Accessible only through a singular portal located within the Exarch's palace, it is nigh-impossible to sneak into our out of the Frozen Casket.

Purpose / Function

The Frozen Casket was constructed to house the worst of Gelethis' criminals as well as the most valuable of the Exarchy's political prisoners in order to ensure the Exarchy would not lose its bargaining power to a successful rescue operation.


The Frozen Casket is built in the cut-off underground chambers under the ruins of what is believed to be a fort constructed during the age of the titans. A small section of the original structure is thought to have served as a dungeon while the rest contained what appeared to be pantries, a large kitchen, storage rooms, and servant quarters. All of these had to be refitted to serve as detention chambers.


It is widely believed, among those who know of the Casket's existence, that the aboveground ruins and the belowground structure that houses the prison used to be part of an ancient titan stronghold that has since fallen into disrepair. This is evidenced by the strange proportions of the structure, where the doorways and ceilings are too high, and the hallways too wide for the average Gelethian.   Why the fort fell into ruin and how the cut-off underground chamber was discovered remains a mystery, however, as the underground structure is at least a hundred feet below the aboveground fort and there is no apparent means to get to the underground chambers from the surface.
Parent Location
Owning Organization


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