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Ela'Athea Lakeahua

Prince Ela'Athea Lakeahua of the Principality of Shatterspear, known to friends as El'Thea for short, is the first and so far only non-tretallë recognized by the Dominion as having the meritorious qualifications to take the Ivory Throne, if not the genealogical qualification to do so. They are also the only prominent world leader to be open and proud of their criminal history.

Mental characteristics

Personal history

Before they joined the Wardens of the Wayward, El'Thea was the guildmaster of the criminal syndicate known as the Quaystone Pact in Tauavea. The organization was founded as a means of rebelling against the inordinate taxes levied against the fishing industry by the God-Emperor, Matanea, of Manuara. They joined the Wardens because of their stated goal of wanting to overthrow and destroy the empire of Manuara, hoping to perhaps find the truth about what happened to their parents in the process.   Upon reaching the capital and confronting the God-Emperor, however, they learned that they were nothing but Matanea's cast-off "goodness," which the God-Emperor had perceived as a weakness. Despite this, however, they and the Wardens triumphed and slew the God-Emperor. Or so they thought. As they made preparations to drown Shatterspear in a sea of fire and ash, the God-Emperor forced El'Thea to deliver the actual killing blow, in the process reuniting their split essence in the hope of being able to take over them to be reborn.   This did not transpire. Instead, El'Thea came to gradually understand Matanea. They came to learn what it was that drove Matanea to tyranny, what it was that inspired his reign of cruelty. And as they came to accept each other, the wounds in both their souls gradually healed as well.


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