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A Cryptmark, tādlang hunso in Sutsumāk is not so much a condition as a sign that the bearer has survived one of the most harrowing of experiences that a mortal can encounter: a run-in with what should have been a fatal amount of Quietus.   Cryptmarked are polarizing figures in the Vault Supernal. They may be treated with suspicion or reverence, disdain or pity. Some believe them to be preternaturally lucky, while others may see them as tragically unfortunate. Members of the Vāhagla Circle, in particular, view the cryptmarked with contempt, viewing them as abominations that escaped the rightful judgment of the gods.


Cryptmarks are the result of what most would consider a fatal encounter with the Quietus. This may be prolonged exposure to moderately-high concentrations of the Quietus or acute exposure to extremely high concentrations of the Quietus. In either case, a person that survives the ordeal becomes Cryptmarked and must ultimately be prepared to bear debilitating disabilities for the rest of their life.


The primary symptom of a cryptmark is the eponymous mark. It is a black discoloration of the skin just above the navel, with dendritic offshoots that appear to follow the path of blood vessels under the skin. This symptom is common among all known cryptmarked cases.   Secondary symptoms have a wide range, from debilitating headaches to paraplegia, bleeding from the eyes and nose, flesh necrosis, and the development of teratoma all over the body, among other things.


There is no known treatment for the cryptmarked.


The records have so far shown that all cryptmarked cases have proven to be eventually fatal.


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