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Byluraxea, also known as the Verdant Queen, is an ancient green dragon who managed seize divinity, becoming a dragon god. She excels in the art of manipulation, managing to establish a number of cults across the Material Realm to feed her growing need for worship.   She was an antagonistic force against the Wardens of the Wayward at the beginning of their journey. She first came into contact with the Wardens under the guise of Nalaa of the Bright Trees when they visited the ironspike woods, and took interest in them when they encouraged the Veshka to revolt against her rule. Although she was defeated at the time, she would return time and again as a thorn in the Warden's side.   It was later revealed, during the Wardens' adventures in Shatterspear, that Byluraxea was more central to escalating matter of the Unkent invasion than the group had initially realized. It emerged that the Byluraxea they'd first encountered was the first to discover the existence of the Unkent and the Galbadian armada. The experience broke her mind and brought to the fore the more vicious, sadistic side of her.   Upon reaching godhood thanks to the contributions of the Moellin tribe of northern IldRenn and her champion Zephyros, her mind was mended. This had always been her plan, the reason she sought power at all costs despite her madness.   Returned to her old self, Byluraxea paid the Wardens a final visit. She tested their mettle and when they proved worthy, she imparted vital information for how they might fight the Unkent before departing to make preparations for another important matter that she did not bother to disclose to them.


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15 Aug, 2023 02:09

Dragons becoming gods or as deific figures are something that I think is under used, its a good alternative to the "all dragons are Smaug, driven by greed and nothing else."   You have a good start, after the Awards ceremony, I think it would be cool to see things from Byluraxea's perspective, instead of just the limited outside view presented here.