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Ailos Tepes

Reaper Ailos Tepes (a.k.a. Reaper)

Writers note: Incomplete as has not been introduced to party.

Physical Description

General Physical Condition

Tall and strong, he is in peak condition for anything the world can throw at him.

Body Features

Black scaled - Ailos has a rugged and worn-torn appearance.

Facial Features

On his face a cruel looking scar traces from the hairline on the right side of his forehead, over his eye, down to the ridge of his, many-time broken nose. Possibly once he would've been considered handsome - he could only be known now as fierce.

Physical quirks

Keeps his head high, has a physical presence in any room.

Special abilities

The ability to control the wills of the dead, his acidic dragon breath

Apparel & Accessories

Splint armour, Bag of Holding, two javelins and his blade 'Kaladrea'.

Specialized Equipment

His blade, his magic and commanding presence.

Mental characteristics

Personal history

He was taken, involuntarily from his place of birth at a very young age, by the very same mercenaries that he became a part of. He does not recall much of his village, nor even the faces of his parents, or siblings (he knows, or feels like he should know, that he has siblings). There is no animosity, although there once was the child-fueled rage of being taken from the world he knew. He fears, in fact that he may be the only one left alive from the Mercenary Company, after a botched job. but he doesn't search for them, he just knows that if others remain alive, they will find each other.




Combat training; forged through the flames of battle. Natural affinity of the magic arts.

Accomplishments & Achievements

The Siege of Ild'Ressir

Mental Trauma

Fears what awaits him beyond the veil of death.

Intellectual Characteristics

Pragmatic, dislikes time wasting.

Morality & Philosophy

His companions come first.   He will do whatever is necessary to defeat his foes (even stooping to their tactics).

Personality Characteristics


Desires to enter the Halls of his Patron.

Virtues & Personality perks

His loyalty to his companions.

Vices & Personality flaws

Likes a drink after the heat of battle.

Personality Quirks

Possessive of his blade.


Mercenary by trade, his gear is in good condition, personal hygiene is passable.


Family Ties


Religious Views

None. He awaits the judgement of The Stranger beyond the veil.

Social Aptitude

By stature alone, he demands attention; truth be told he is mostly unaware of this.
Divine Classification
Year of Birth
30307 50 Years old
Current Residence
Thire Kelmar
Pale Grey
270 lbs
Known Languages
Dominiean (Common), A'Drekh (Dragonborn), D'Lyndë Khirë (True Dragons)


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