Captain Brolwaen Throllan

Brief History

Brolwaen has been a Captain of the Imperial Society of Exploration and Cartography for the last 6 years. Before the last Rising she had been a captain for a merchant company, that ran goods between the coastal towns of the Empire of Efristan. Immediately after the Rising she worked tirelessly to help rescue those who had been stranded out at, what was now, sea. After this she returned home to the Dwarven city of placeholder, to help her people with the influx of refugees fleeing from the coasts. Many people were scared that the waters would continue to rise, and wanted to be in the highest places they could find.  


Brolwaen takes great pride in her long and lustrous beard, and keeps it perfectly groomed and oiled. Her long red hair she almost always wears in a french braid. Her skin is darkly tanned from all her years at sea, and she has a ruddy complexion. Her clothes are usually simple and functional, but always well tailored. Her only afectation to fashion or frivolity, is in the many styles in which she wears her beard, which can change on a daily basis.  

Personality and Traits

Brolwaen has built up quite a reputation as a daring and extremely competent sailor and captain. Willing to sail waters others fear to go, she nevertheless doesn't take unecessary risks with the lives of her crew, though she is not often as careful with her own. She has a ready laugh and is fond of a good joke, especially if it's a bit rude. Her easy going nature, fair leadership and willingness to listen to her crew, has earned her the respect of almost every person who has sailed under her command. She works hard and expects her crew to do the same, laziness and taking shortcuts are a sure fire way to be thrown off the ship at the next landfall.
Red, long, worn in a french braid
Skin Tone/Pigmentation
darkly tanned
4' 9"
Owned Vehicles



  • Loud and hearty laugh.
  • Tends bellow when she talks, as if always shouting over the wind.
  • Strokes her eyebrows when concentrating.
  • Missing the little finger on her right hand.

  • Cover image: by cocoparisienne


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