Errant Fortune

Design and layout

The Boat is a two masted brigantine, fifteen foot in length with a 15 foot beam. It has an aft cabin at the back, which stands proud of the main deck. Two sets of stairs on either side of the aft cabin, lead up to the quarter deck, which houses the wheel. To the bow of the ship is the forecastle deck, another raised deck which houses the forecastle beneath it, and through the centre of which runs the foremast. The main deck runs between these two raised decks, the main cargo hatch sits in the centre, and just behind that is the main mast. Beneath the main deck is the hold, which also houses the galley and the brig.   The aft cabin contains the captain's private quarters, and a map room, the forecastle contains four small rooms for non crew members. As the ship doesn't carry much cargo beyond what supplies it requires, a portion of the hold is given over to a crew sleeping area, galley and small mess area.   The boat is not only fast and nimble, but she is also armed with two ballista and a mangonel, making her no easy prey for pirates. Physical weapons aren't her only defense however, the ship never sails on an expedition without a mage aboard. The captain also ensures that she has fitted the ship with several rune tablets before setting out to sea.
Captain - Captain Brolwaen Throllan   First mate -   Amethyst - Expedition benefactor   Piper - Bosun   Pippin - Scribe with Imperial Society of Exploration and Cartography / ships medic.   Mara - Ships mage
15 ft
85 ft
6 mph
Complement / Crew
Cargo & Passenger Capacity
120 tons cargo capacity,

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