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When god made Rhydar, he made the sky, then the water, then the land, then light. He decided to mold sacred flowers, in his image, and gave each special gifts. He made Lily first, who was God’s favorite, which he filled with his joy, purity, and healing. Then there was Morning Glory, who controls the mystical energies he bestowed to the skies, but god made sure to only have her awaken every morning to carry the sun into the air. Then Lupine, created out of god’s love for creating, had the infinite desire to create life just like god did, and so she created all the flora and fauna of Rhydar. Then he made Rose, who was his direct root to Rhydar as she watched over the others and god made her the protector and judge. But this meant that Rose had to have no emotion so she could be a neutral and strong being, thus Primrose was born. Primrose, being shaped from pure emotion, was able to control life’s energy, karma, but she always had her twin sister, Rose, to make sure she didn’t get carried away.   But God still felt lonely, he had his five daughters who he loved very much. But he still felt like he was missing something, someone at his side, someone with the same knowledge he possessed, and so God then made Poppy, who was his intellectual equal. She was someone who which God could have true conversations with. Poppy was very beautiful as well, and even though she had the smartest mind in the universe she held her beauty close to her more than anything.   God then, realizing his daughters were lonely, made his only son, Oak, who was the grounding force of Rhydar and kept the nature’s forces stable. The sisters eventually fell in love with Oak and each had children with him, these became the first children of Rhydar. Each children was gifted with a spark by their mothers which was crystallized throughout them and would shine throughout. White for Lily, Purple for Morning Glory, Green for Lupine, Orange/Red for Rose and Primrose since they share the same emotion and thus children. The first generation of children, known simply as the Forebearers, pioneered the unexplored lands and waters of Rhydar.   Poppy, even though she didn’t fall in love with Oak, still wanted a child. God however wouldn’t let this be the case, foreboding her from ever having any children, for reasons God kept secret. This was the first conflict between the two. Poppy tried to get an answer out of God, and almost very nearly succeeding, until God transferred this knowledge to Rose who, not having emotions, could not be persuaded by her sister. Poppy realized that her father maybe wasn’t as strong and powerful as he made himself out to be, and his views weren’t as well. After this, God began to realize a shift in Poppy’s ideology, creating a long string of debates about the laws of the land, and with God creating Poppy out of pure knowledge, there was no persuading her. And knowing that even she wouldn’t be able to persuade God to change the lands, turned her attention to her sisters and their children, who were not nearly as smart as her or her father.   Using her great persuading abilities, she managed to manipulate Primrose to give Rose emotions for a short time, which caused her to panic, losing her connection with her father. She then caused Morning Glory, as she used some of her power, to awaken and use her powers freely, which she did, moving the waters and air around the sky, giving way to the first seasons and rainfall, and with it, the migration of life to new areas. Then she went to Lupine and manipulated her to create a class system for the animals, saying that the smaller, weaker animals need to grow stronger from their new prey, which inevitably gave way to evolution. Then, manipulating her little sister Primrose again once she regained Rose’s emotions to break the peace that had been held between the Forebears, causing the first war. Then Poppy knowing her sisters didn’t have the time for her, finally realizing the problems they caused and trying to fix them, went and broke God’s most important rule out of spite for her father and his ideology, mating with Oak. The result was a being that knew of its own existence, one that was curious about the world and wanted to learn, but also one that was willing to destroy to get to that path if need be. This gave birth to the knowledgeable Rhydan. This spite was enough for God to sense on his own, and he was not happy. The girls were all scolded for the trouble that they had caused to Rhydar, but understood how persuading Poppy is. They tried to plead their father for forgiveness but God had said that they needed to learn from what they had done so it could never happen again. He destroyed their children, the Forebearers, grinding them into dust, and creating death.   Or he did this for at least those four sisters. Lily, God's purity and luck, was the only one to not be manipulated by her younger sister, being eternally faithful to her father, and thus, her children were still given the gift of life. However they still had to die, as he had now created such, and so God gave them an alternative, Eden. A place where they would live in eternal peace after death. Which now made Lily the sister of Eden too which gave her beautiful purple veins, which flowed through them eternal wisdom among her children. God, knowing Poppy was the one who had caused all this damage, as well as breaking his most stressed rule on purpose, gave her the biggest punishment. God allowed her children to stay, knowing Poppy didn't care much for her children at this point, only doing so out of spite. So he took something Poppy held so dear to her, beauty. He stripped Poppy of her beauty, creating a being of pure lust and temptation, this was Sweet Pea. This left the once beautiful Sister a shell of her former self, her lush black hair changed to a withering grey, skin paled, and eyes now beat red as the beauty was sucked from her. God, letting Sweet Pea birth children, had a being made that's purpose was to distract Poppy's children with their lust and temptation, this was the Rhydan Female.   Poppy was notably angry with her father and jealous of her new sister Sweet Pea. Threatening that she would completely destroy God's creations, God made an ultimatum for Poppy. Her would grant her the beauty back of her past, but only if she could birth from her children a female more beautiful than Sweet Pea, thus reaffirming that Poppy is indeed the true Sister of beauty. Poppy, understanding this as her only chance, now spends her days searching and manipulating suitable Rhydans in the hopes they create her true child. Poppy's children, Rhydans, are fairly new to the lands of Rhydar, but they were quick to use the land that the sisters created to their use. Farming the lands, domesticating the animals they needed, and building upon the landscapes of Rhydar with their huts, which soon turned into castles. They soon came into contact with the children of Lily, who were still pure as they had not been destroyed in God’s destruction of the land. They worshiped the Forebearers as God’s, creating the first kingdom of Rhydar, the Kingdom of Albany, named from the mountains on they lived, the Albany. The Forebears ruled the Kingdom of Albany for a long time but, eventually they wished to expand their kingdom, one family in specific, the Polaris family, rose to the top eventually becoming the royal family of this new Polaris Kingdom. The more land the Polaris Kingdom captured the more the Lily Forebearers began to loose their purity, withering away at their powers and overall health. They understood they couldn’t stay here any longer as true Forebearers and eventually withered out, but not entirely. Even Lily’s children couldn’t resist the lust and temptation of Sweet Peas daughters and thus created the first mixed Rhydan, these people became the true ethnic Atlans.   With the death of King Leon Polaris V, the last known Lily Forebearer, it marked a new age for Rhydar. One without true Forebearers.