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Welcome to R.W. Winton's world of Revolution, a series of queer historical fiction novels set during the period of the American Revolution. Here you will find extras about the books, characters, and settings, as well as a growing collection of pages of historical information important to the characters and the world they lived in. (The general history content is still a work in progress!)


The Books

Books do not need to be read in order.   Let it Begin Here - released July 4th, 2021   Where Cannons Roar - released July 30th, 2022   Treasonous Practices - released July 4th, 2023   Untitled Book 4 - (enemies-to-lovers romance at the end of the war) coming in July 2024   Untitled Book 5 - (genderfluid main character at Fort Schuyler) coming in July 2025  

Short Stories

You can also find links to multiple short stories set in the Revolution universe on the Short Stories page.