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These Thirteen Nights I.I

1 out of 13: Moonfall

Once a year, across the world, there is a month where darkness falls as our dearest moon fades from his perch. Thirteen stories I will tell, each one much darker than the last. But do not doubt, that each is just as honest as the last. Thirteen stories I will share despite my fear that they will hear, so gather close and listen well. Hush now let's begin, the sun is setting on year one, of These Thirteen Nights.
Vayne Raven was standing quietly with his wife as they looked out at sea as the full moon fell from its ink-coated kingdom and the reflection of the stars slowly dimmed to nothing. None of the other villagers ever dared to watch the annual Moonfall but Vanye and his wife had come out every night ever since their wedding year.
"There is something special about it." She said one year. "The monsters are real, I know that but still, when darkness falls and hides our fears, all my worries fall with it. I can't help but smile."
Vanye thought of those words now, as total darkness coated the sky but as the moon blinked out of existence a different light flashed brighter than the moon ever had and when it faded a man stood before the young lovers. A man made of shadows whose form towered well over their heads and whose purple eyes burned with a cold light. The man had no mouth to speak of but he spoke nonetheless.
"Moonfall has come once more this year, but the peace you believe will soon be destroyed. For these thirteen nights, you must not close your eyes. Thirteen monsters and thirteen beasts lurk in the darkness of my sleep. To see next the sunrise, you must seek out and find, thirteen beings, whose power is strongest, only in darkness."
With his message delivered the man disappeared and Vanye was left awestruck. The moon had fallen and the darkness was complete. He could see nothing but his own hands in front of him and all he could feel was his wife's hand in his.
"Who was that?" He whispered.
"If I were to guess," His wife responded calmly. "I'd say that that was the god of the moon."
"He said that monsters were coming for us."
"That's true," His wife answered. "But he said there were beings that could save us from their destruction."
"But how do I find them?" Vanye cried. "He didn't say anything about them! How am I supposed to find thirteen beings when I don't even know their names?"
"Oh my dear husband." His wife replied. "You have all the answers as do I. Thirteen beings the god foretold and thirteen poems I'm sure have been told. Of monsters whose magic works only when the sun is dead. I know but one. It tells of a man who lives deep in the ground surrounded by ravens, his chosen knowledge bound. Deep in the forest where only the crows dare sing their song, they say you will find him with his tome of lost time. If you know anymore I'm sure they will work too but he seems like a good place to start my dearest Vanye Raven. Take my necklace and a kiss on the cheek and know that wherever you are I will be. I love you my husband but the god was quite clear this mission is yours and I will not interfere. But I will wait here until you return to my arms once more."
And so Vanye's wife slipped her silver necklace around his head and kissed him once more before walking back towards the door and the warm fire of their home down the hill.
"I love you too Eliza, and I will keep you safe. No matter what monsters the gods deem me must face."

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