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Requiem's Realm


Created by

Editorial Team

Dear reader, I welcome you to Requiem's Realm! However, before you begin to explore this world I have found for you, I must reveal to you a secret of life. No matter where you come from or who you are it holds true (whether or not you think otherwise). Life is precious. This is a fact that I must admit I struggle with a lot. That, however, makes it no less true, and I am currently experiencing a moment of clarity. Yes, there is darkness in our world just as there is darkness in every world but wherever darkness is found, there is light. One cannot exist without the other. For every mercenary willing to kill, there is a knight willing to protect. For every deceitful snake, there is a truthful lion. For every demon ready to bathe the world in fire, there is an angel ready to face them. This is the lesson I have learned in my life, not from living or my parents telling me. In fact, everything I see in the world makes me hate it with every fiber of myself. But there was one silver lining: Fantasy. Every day I come home and I watch a movie or read a book and it is those stories that I find to make life worth living and the next day when I get up again I see just a few of the things I read about happen in real life. This is what I hope you will gain from the stories I am going to tell. Without the books, I've read and the legends I've heard I doubt I would be alive today. It is because of this that I write these words now in the hopes that my stories will keep you from ever getting to that point. Dear reader, I wish you the best in all your travels.
Sincerely Hiccup Haddock the Third (who stole his screen name from his favorite person)
(duh)-the editor