Almirante General

The Almirante General was a frigate from the Venezuelan Navy. Designed and build in Italy. It was a multipurpose frigate with the emphasis as a guided missile frigate. At its launch it was among the fastest warships of its time.


The majority of its life the Almirante General spent patrolling the caribbean, chasing smugglers, and participating in training exercises. Afterall the world was at peace, and even though Venezuela wasn't friendly with everybody, there were no incidents.


See ABC War for full article.

During the initial days of the ABC War the Almirante General was tasked with diversion tactics, supposedly steaming towards the Caribbean Netherlands and was well away from the initial actions.

After the successful first strike of Venezuela at the ABC islands against the Royal Netherlands Navy. The diversion was called off and the Almirante General turned around to aid in the battle for control of the ABC islands. She fought the Zr.Ms. Willem Barentsz critically damaging them, this led to a multiple day chase, which ended at the Battle at Klein Curaçao where the crippled Zr. Ms. Michiel de Ruyter was aided by the pirate vessel Sunset Dawn which distracted the Almirante General with broadside fire while hitting and sinking her with a torpedo strike.

Power Generation

The ship is equipped with four diesel generators giving a total of 12.000 kW of available electrical power.


The Almirante General has a Combined Diesel or Gas (CODOG) system, which means that it has two shafts, with each shaft being driven by a diesel engine or a gas turbine. The diesels are used for cruising with a maximum of 21 kn and the gas turbines for sprinting at a maximum of 35 kn.

The diesel engines are from MTU type 20V 1163, and each have a shaft horsepower of 7.800hp.
THe gas turbines are made by Fiat, and have a power of 50.000 hp.

Weapons & Armament

  • 8x Otomak Mk 2 SSM's in fixed launching positions
  • 1x launching installation for 8 SAM's
  • 2x Mark 32 torpedo tubes
  • 1x OTO Melara 127/54mm gun on the bow
  • 2x OTO Melara Twin 40L70 guns one on each quarter.

Hangars & docked vessels

The Almirante General is equipped with a flight deck and hanger which carries one Agusta-Bell AB.212ASW helicopter equipped for anti submarine warfare.

Almirante General
Hull number
Nuestro el mar
Owning Organization
class of 18 vessels
11,3m / 12ft
113,2m / 371ft
2,506 tonnes
35 knots / 21 knots
Complement / Crew
185 (20 officers)
21st of August 1985
Torpedoed and sunk

Cover image: by Johannes Plenio


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