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Honey Trap

Honey Traps are Lesser Aberrants of the Ancient of Desire. They are less dangerous than some of the other Lesser Aberrants of Desire, but they can still have detrimental effects on their victims, often ruining their lives, sometimes irrecovably.   They seek out anyone available to have sex with. To meet their goals, they sometimes charm their victims but this isn't always necessary. During intercourse, they will continue using their magic to slowly turn their victims into sex-addicts, furthering the domain of Desire. Once the process is complete, after enough sexual encounters, the victim becomes addicted to sex and the Honey Trap leaves, forcing the victim to indulge in other ways of satisfying their addictions.   It is possible for a victim to be successfully rehabilitated, but the worst case scenario is that their victim becomes a sex-offender.

Basic Information


Honey Traps look like people who are considered highly attractive, regardless of whether they present as a man, woman, or another type of gender-identity. This will vary based on a region's and era's standards of conventional beauty. They are difficult to distinguish from ordinary humans by appearance alone, but there are ways to do it.

Genetics and Reproduction

Like all the Lesser Aberrants of Desire, Honey Traps are perfectly capable of siring or giving birth to children with ordinary human beings.

Dietary Needs and Habits

A Honey Trap does not actually need to eat anything, but this doesn't stop them from consuming food and drinks while charming their victims on dates.


All Honey Traps are innately charming which they use to help lure in their victims. Honey Traps are also sexually active which is a crucial component of their attempts to turn their victims into sex-addicts.

Additional Information

Perception and Sensory Capabilities

They can instictively understand a person's mental state, an ability that greatly helps Honey Traps in turning their victims into sex-addicts.

Honey Trap


Type: Aberrant
Subtype: Servitor
Status: Kill-on-Sight
Estimated Numbers: N/A
Censor's Veil: Censored.  


Creator Power: Ancient of Desire
Alignment Status: Servitude
Sanity Damage: N/A
Corporeal Stability: N/A
Magic: N/A  


Combat Behaviour: Charms
Threat Rating: 2
Physical Damage: Vulnerable
Magical Damage: Vulnerable
Glyphs: Vulnerable
Notable Weaknesses: N/A


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