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Ancient of Desire

Ancient of Desire is a Power - one of the godlike rulers of both the Material Reality and the Elsewheres. Like in the case of other Powers, it's unknown how exactly it looks. It isn't even known if it actually 'looks' in conventional sense, being a concept itself more than anything else.   She is a bit of a composite deity, covering three primary aspects: Desire, Fertility and Ecstasy. The first one covers more general desires, and is - surprisingly enough - considered rather limited in scope when compared to the other two. It includes bloodlust, and a handful of other minor things. In a way, those spells often overlap with other lores, with some desire-focused twists on them.   The second is mainly sexual desires and procreation, while the third one includes subjects such as eating, getting inebriated through alcohol intake and the various effects of drugs.

Divine Symbols & Sigils

Chalice, various abstract symbols relating to genitals (tend to get more artistic and symbolic in most cases, often to the point of being overlooked as something else), pornography is suprisingly common too.

Tenets of Faith

Ancient of Desire espouses unrestrained pursuit of the satisfaction of your desires. Unrestrained by both morality and law - for as long as you want to obtain something, you should go for it. Desire cares little about how squicky or wrong it might be - it draws an equal sign between a pair of lovers finally getting together and things entirely illegal (like necrophiles or zoophiles, even rapists).   It makes a similar case with drugs, in that running yourself into an early grave and ruining your family in the process is entirely fair and valid and will earn you additional attention points from Desire. As a result, it's generally considered to be one of the more self-destructive Powers, very commonly leading its own worshippers into early grave.   Her cults often pretend to be brothels, drug and gambling dens and similar places where one goes to satisfy their desires. They also sometimes happen as a more agriculture-oriented cults, their 'fertility' self covering similar themes to a small degree.


Type: Power
Pantheon: Ancients
Aliases: Great Mother, Goddess, Earth Mother
Alignment: Malevolent [IV]

Aligned Entities


Black Widow
Honey Trap



Aligned Spells

Aspect of Desire


Aspect of Ecstasy


Aspect of Fertility



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