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Cambions are the children of a human and any of the Lesser Aberrants. How Initiate society treats them varies greatly depending on how human they look and what their Aberrant parent is. They tend to be more accepted than many species of demihumans, but the relationship baseline humanity has with Cambions can best be described as conditional and uneasy acceptance that can easily be withdrawn. Many more functional Cambions tend to hide what they are as a result.

Some Initiate scholars believe that they find it easier to learn the magic of the Power their Lesser Aberrant parent represented at the cost of higher risks of being changed and finding it harder to learn the magic of other Powers. While a slight tendency in favour of this theory has been noticed, formal research has not yielded statistically significant results, and thus the hypothesis is not proven beyond reasonable doubt.

Basic Information


How they look vary depending on their Aberrant parent and random chance. The majority will look like ordinary humans, or at worst, humans with Corporeal Damage, and if they do, they're easier to integrate into Initiate society.

A rare minority of Cambions will look too much like their Aberrant parents. They are a lot harder to integrate into Initiate society, to the point that most Initiate organisations don't bother and would sooner slay them than help them.

Biological Traits

Some Cambions inherit the powers of their Lesser Aberrant parents. The children of any of the Desire Lesser Aberrants have a chance of being supernaturally attractive while the children of any of the Strife Lesser Aberrants have a chance of being far stronger than they should otherwise be.

Genetics and Reproduction

A Cambion is born whenever a human and a Lesser Aberrant produce a child together (regardless of any consent or lack thereof on the human's part).

The most common Cambions are those that have an Aberrant of Desire or an Aberrant of Strife parent (usually a Warmonger in the latter case). Cases of other Lesser Aberrants siring or giving birth to Cambions are rarer, but not unheard of.

Cambions can themselves have children with ordinary humans without issue, and the resulting children are generally considered human, mostly. There is however always a chance of the traits of the original Lesser Aberrant cropping up once more for several more generations. It typically takes three to four generations for the chances of that happening to be negligeble.

Some Cambions choose to not have children of their own to negate the risk of their parent Aberrant's more problematic traits resurfacing down the line.


Cambions will always have some influence from their Aberrant parent. For example, the children of a Warmonger could have anger issues, high charisma, or both. For another example, the children of any of the Lesser Aberrants of Desire tend to be sexually active, to the point that it is unheard off for any of them to be Asexual and/or Aromantic.

Many National Agencies for the Supernatural try to keep watch on known Cambions until it can be confirmed that they didn't inherit any problematic behavioural traits, or at least, are able to keep it in check to what is considered acceptable by Initiate standards. Those that aren't capable of keeping themselves in check are killed before they have a chance to victimise someone innocent.

Additional Information

Perception and Sensory Capabilities

Some Cambions inherit the supernatural senses of their Aberrant parents. For example, the child of any of the Elementals will have a chance of inheriting an innate feel for the element of the Elemental that sired or gave birth to them.




Status: Tolerated [With Exceptions]
Estimated Numbers: Unknown
Censor's Veil: Displayed as humans.


Alignment Status: Varied
Sanity Damage: Roughly equal to baseline humanity
Corporeal Stability: Roughly equal to baseline humanity
Magic: Varied    


Combat Behaviour: N/A
Threat Rating: Varied
Physical Damage: Vulnerable
Magical Damage: Vulnerable
Glyphs: Immune to Wards
Notable Vulnerabilities: N/A


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