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Black Widow

Black Widows are the most dangerous of the Lesser Aberrants of the  Ancient of Desire. Unlike the other Desire Aberrants, they are actively murderous, and are functionally supernatural serial-killers. Some were actually caught by the mundane authorities and tried as ordinary murderers. Supernatural National Agencies tend to intervene at this point, slaying the Black Widow themselves with the Censor covering up their actions.

Despite the name, there are male variants, which are sometimes called Black Widowers or Bluebeards. Some Initiates theorise the original legend of Bluebeard is actually a Censor-modified story of a Black Widow encounter.

Basic Information


Black Widows look human, and in fact, are almost impossible to distinguish from ordinary humans. This is crucial for them to meet their goals as they otherwise will not be able to use their charm to lure their victims to their death.

Genetics and Reproduction

Like all the Lesser Aberrants of Desire, Black Widows are perfectly capable of siring or giving birth to children with ordinary human beings. It is however rare for male variants to have children as they tend to kill their female victims long before they could give birth.

Dietary Needs and Habits

Black Widows are perfectly capable of mimicking humans in enjoying food and drinks, a crucial ability to prevent their targets from getting suspicious.


Black Widows are the most murderous of all of Desire's Lesser Aberrants. They lure their victims in with charm. Once they get their victims' trust, they engage in sexual intercourse. During intercourse, at the victim's most vulnerable, Black Widows strike and murder their prey.   In pursuit of their goals, Black Widows are capable of demonstrating remarkable patience. They could spend years pursuing a single victim, going as far as to marry them, before murdering them.

Additional Information

Perception and Sensory Capabilities

Black Widows can instictively detect loneliness in a person, the sort of person most vulnerable to their charms and the most likely to become their victims.

Black Widow


Type: Aberrant
Subtype: Servant
Status: Kill-on-Sight
Estimated Numbers: N/A
Censor's Veil: Censored.  


Creator Power: Ancient of Desire
Alignment Status: Servitude
Sanity Damage: N/A
Corporeal Stability: N/A
Magic: N/A  


Combat Behaviour: Charms/Surprise Attacks
Threat Rating: High
Physical Damage: Vulnerable
Magical Damage: Vulnerable
Glyphs: Vulnerable
Notable Weaknesses: N/A


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