Geographical Hierarchy


Originating from the well-traveled documents of First Men explorers across Ravare, the First-Divine Geographical Heirarchy of Territories, Lands, and Realms describes how best to organization the geographical locations regardless of size. This model is agreed to be the most accurate, and well-organized, by scholars and magi of Solith regardless of Folk.

A Note for Players,
The knowledge of other planes, and often even other continents, is unknown to the average individual within Haven. Only those from a scholarly background would generally know the following information.

General Information

This article has been made more so for authors of Ravare rather than readers, so if it doesn't make sense, it likely shouldn't.

Udirkith Model

Long before the arrival of the First Men, the Udirkith had plotted their own form of Geographical Heirarchy. This model, known as the "Map of the Multiverse", is considered to be archaic by modern scholars but is known to be still used by the Dwarves of the Throat of the World.


Constellation - The collective unit of planes organized in the shape of images representing their primary element.
Stone's Cradle
Realm - A massive geographical region ruled by its own natural laws defined by two specific primary Elemental Domains.
Continent - Large landmasses that are inhabited by flora, fauna, and Sophontic beings.
Depth - On subterranean realms, Depths are used to describe large caverns in a fashion similar to continents.
Territory - Subsections of a continent divided by geographical and political boundaries.
Expanse - The dominion of an Elemental Faction or Conclave defined by vastly different environments.
Verdant Expanse
Region - An area divided up by political or geographical boundaries for ease of navigation.

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