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Also known as Witchwood, this dense, dark-colored tree sprouts from the base of the Throat of the World if the world bordering the Abyss. A truly beautiful wood, its most common use is as expensive decoration by the rich and affluent. Any wizard worth their degree will tell you Blackwood's true value comes from its magical dampening effect and is necessary for any wizardly training hall.
The wood itself has no remarkable qualities on its own but the tree absorbs magic around it as it grows, so while nobles process it for the wood with its intricate grain, those of the Academy of Wizardly Art keep live specimens within their training halls. A student's errant spell will no longer unintentionally haunt the hall for the day but find their effects diminishing within minutes. Seawatch, unsurprisingly, is the largest consumer of Blackwood and regularly attempting logging expeditions into the Blackwood forests much to the ire of Bastion's priests who believe the wood to be sacred.

Haunted Woods

The Blackwood forest itself is said to be haunted by the silent remnants of slain Mindless Unfallen drifting through the trees. Many wizardly folks spend a night in the cursed forest as a right of passage and I myself participated in this honored tradition. Though I saw no specters I did find an innate sense of control in the forest as if magic was crisp in the air like spring air. It is an exhilarating feeling having magic so close to the surface of our mundane world. But I caution spell casting in the forest, the draining effect of the tree will see your spells barely last the minute if they don't twist your spell beyond recognition before that.

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