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The universal conduit for all alchemy and enchantments.


Material Characteristics

A substance that takes the form of a solid or a gas. It is typically blue, but can be any colour, and gives off a faint radiance that manifests in sparkling particles.

Physical & Chemical Properties

Cool to the touch, including in gaseous form. Faint magical radiance upon touch, feeling of "lightness." Faint glow or sparkles.

Origin & Source

Ether is assumed to be the amalgamation of star-stuff from the birth of the universe. Some say that it's a physical manifestation of leylines of The Weave. Others suggest it's a natural result of The Weave, as it is something that simply exists. Yet more say that it is the remnants of fallen gods, or other celestial happenings.

History & Usage


Ether has always been prized and valued. Those who find Ether are set to make a large amount of money in the larger scope of society, and it's seen similarly to that of a diamond mine. Because this material is so valued in magical circles, and because enchanting is so expensive and so in demand, Ether constantly maintains its value. In many instances, Ether has been harvested so liberally that many veins and vents have been completely tapped, and although it tends to remanifest itself over time, this can take hundreds if not thousands of years for a vein to reappear.

Byproducts & Sideproducts

Ether waste is the simple waste product of ether. This form usually takes shape when an experiment was performed improperly, or the Ether itself could not hold the charge of arcane energy that was focused upon it. This results in a white or grey sludge.


Although Ether itself is harmless, it is encouraged not to breathe it, as large portions of ether gas inhaled can result in wild hallucinations accompanied by The Drain, a usually temporary condition of anti-magic that plagues the body when it has been drained of arcane essence. The Drain can also affect those who handle Ether waste frequently, although instances of this are rare, simply because Ether waste itself is easily disposed of.
Odd, sweet smell, similar to that of lantern oils.
Common State
Solid and crystalline, or gaeous.


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