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Kyskàl ([kiska:l])

Note: I have used the Species group here until I find a better category. Kyskàl is the classification of animal, not an animal in its own right.
  The term Kyskàl is derived from the Foyiitùn words "Kyn" and "Skàl" meaning "the group of scaly creatures". The "n" of "kyn" is dropped due to so-called "Language Smoothing" rules of the language of the Foyii / Woodsmen.   It encompassed a variety of lizards, serpents, gekos and the like. This classification of creatures was not limited to land-dwellers only, as fully-plated Dragons as well as some part-scaled part-feathered birds could be classed as kyskàlii. Even sentient/sapient humanoids, whether gifted with flight or not, could legitimately be grouped with such creatures, without causing offence.  

To Avoid Confusion

The term Kyskàl is not related to ky (of the cat family). While some scholars have argued skàlkyn or skàkyn would be less confusing, such a term does not meet the requirement for Foyiitùn to be bòlà. As no "scaley" or "plated" cats have ever been discovered, the term kyskàl has persisted to this day.

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