The Vanished Moon

When the sun died, the moon abandoned its place in the sky and fled, fearing the same fate. Ever since, it hides.
  Ever the rival and sometimes the lover of the Sun, the moon god chased his divine kin across the sky. He ruling the world when it was shrouded in dark, retreating again to relinquish his crown to the dawning sun. Sometimes they warred, sometimes they loved, being whole only with the other. When the Sun shattered and the Hungry Dark awoke, this ancient covenant was broken. Rather than fight for his divine mandate or even revenge for his fallen kin, the Moon fled from its place in the sky, leaving only a bleeding wound where it had once been.   That wound has bled since, dripping frozen jewels into the world below. Such moonstones are highly prized for their ethereal beauty, and their ability to magnify reflected light shed by sunshards. They are beyond rare, with most of what bleeds from the sky landing somewhere in the dark-claimed lands. The recovery of one is enough to make someone wealthy for a lifetime, and such value attracts enemies of all kind. In most places, only nobles and alchemists may own such treasures, on the pains of death.   Of the moon itself, no one can know for sure. As they abandoned humanity, so have humanity abandoned the moon, its temples abandoned or razed, its prayers silenced, its absence and cowardice cursed.  
by Midjourney by Q
by Midjourney by Q
by Midjourney by Q
Not all have given up on the moon as lost forever, but not out of pious devotion. If the gods won't use their powers to fight the dark that devours the world, then we'll wrest it from their grip and claim it for ourselves, no matter how bloody their grip is. Death to the divine cowards!

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12 Oct, 2022 18:20

What a coward lover leaving the sun without revenge! >:(

3 Nov, 2022 15:57

The moon is always the villain

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