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The very blood of the world, the essence of life itself. Valued by all for its medical and arcane properties. To find a shard of it is widely considered lucky and among many cultures, one who finds large amounts of the stone is considered blessed.


Material Characteristics

A bright blue crystal that seems to have a smokey essence flowing through it, seeming to actually move despite the stone be solid

Physical & Chemical Properties

Despite seeming to chill the area around it, when touched it feels like warm and fleshy like a body. The stone is said to gently sing when one is near it, while nearly all mages hear it, it is very rare for normal mortals to hear the song. What allows some mortal men and women to be able to hear the gentle song of the stone is currently unknown, but such is being studied by the Colleges of Magi and the Sternlicht College of Sciences. With little luck at the moment.


Can be used as a component in most arcane ritual. It is required to create most arcane devices such golems, whose bodies require a near constant source of power. When ground into dust and dissolved it can be used as an additive for certain medicines.

Geology & Geography

Archstone is bound to the flow of life and arcane energies from Prospero. It thus tends to grow near ley lines and more particularly at the nexuses of those powers. This though can, unfortunately, be very much of a moving target with the exclusion of certain points. This does however mean many Colleges of Magi can find a constant supply of archstone having been built near or on top of these permanent natural nexuses.
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