The Wish Fish

"Said to be an immortal creature, the Wish Fish is a majestic being..."
— Unknown
  The identity of the Wish Fish has always been contested despite the fact that the Wish Fish is, most definitively, a fish.   With this in mind, the N'weiki people of Kubicha are known to describe the Wish Fish as "ukuhlakanipha". The name "Wish Fish" came after a few members of an exploration team from Bihulling encountered the Wish Fish and wrote down their stories.   Their writings detail their interactions, with each of the three members gaining a wish, leading to the following tale.  
The first one wished for water, and so he was granted an oasis.
The second one wished for cool, and so he was granted the night.
The third one wished to meet their goals, and so he was given the gift of foresight.   But the Fish was fickle, and after granting their wishes disappeared into the shallow waters of its home.   After drinking their fill, the first got tired of their oasis and ventured into the sands, eventually to perish. After the dawn rose, the second welcomed the sun and then burned in the heat. After witnessing the first and the second, the third gained a sight of their own demise.   He then went and revisited the waters of the Wish Fish, calling for it before diving in to search for the fish, desperate to wish that their end be met at old age. They searched seemingly endless waters, not realizing that their breath had run out and the waters they dove into could not be that large. After an age, they realized that on the way to find what they believed to be the best solution, they had met their end.
  Due to their perished nature, there are several stories as to how their legend became known, with the most popular one being the Wish Fish creating a small document left behind in the explorers oasis camp among their belongings.


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9 Nov, 2020 17:57

That tale sounds like an amazing warning to 'be careful what you wish for.'

Emy x   Etrea | Vazdimet
9 Nov, 2020 18:45

I like how the person trying to get around the proverbial monkey's paw still ends up meeting their end anyways.   Although I have to say that the title makes me think of Dr. Seuss's Red-Fish/Blue-Fish and the blurb about Ish, with his Fish-Wish-Dish!