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"So, you know how when you bonk someone over the head, they actually make a bonking sound?"
"Duh, I do the best bonkin' just for the sound."
"Right, so imagine bonking something, but no sound."
"But then what happens?"
"Nothing, you bonked but no sound."
— The author would like to note that this conversation only slightly relates to the subject at hand and admits they are including it entirely for their own amusement and discussions of the subject are rare


A Ghost's Steps

  Simply put, there is no greater moment in the life of a hunter when they find themselves lying in wait for their prey only to find their prey sitting beside them after having snuck up on them. A moment of simple understanding will cross between them, conveying a mutual respect of their chosen paths. Few will choose to take the life of the prey beside them, the rest comprehending that in that moment, they are not a hunter, just simply part of the wilderness, as is the creature gently breathing beside them.
  Those who hunt the elusive echostride know this moment even more often, as though they are not rare creatures, they are hard to find. They leave few tracks, and their steps never make a sound. Some might know the haunting whistle of the echostride's call, but as it sounds as if it was coming from everywhere at once, it leaves the tracker unable to locate them with it beyond their being in the rough area.

A Wailing Call

  Their snow white fur and slender body lend itself to blending into their preferred environment, the snow-covered forests of Horn. Their echoing call simply lets any of their kin nearby know that they are entering their territory, though they aren't actually territorial, they are creatures of habit and do enjoy their own environments away from many of their own species, though they aren't antisocial creatures by any means. The call to announce their arrival is one simply given to ensure that their kin expect an unfamiliar cousin, even if they will never cross paths.
  Because of this tendency to stay away from the majority of their own kind and live in remote areas, their senses are tuned to be aware of strange creatures and objects, often allowing them to turn on those tracking them before they were ever spotted. Because of this, there have been a strange amount of folk who have spotted an echostride finding them beside them as they resign themselves to not being able to spot one for their journey.


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Aug 3, 2023 20:46 by Dr Emily Vair-Turnbull

They sound beautiful. <3

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Aug 4, 2023 01:52 by Andrew

Mission accomplished then <3

Aug 21, 2023 20:57 by Alex the Creatrix

I love the sense of wonder that I felt when I read this. There's just something hauntingly beautiful about these creatures. I feel like I can almost hear their call echoing through the forest, and I wonder what they think of the strange creature they've sat down beside to have a look at.

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Aug 22, 2023 05:06 by Andrew

I always imagined it as:   "Oh look, there's another one. I wonder what this one will do. Lemme just...scoot over here... Ooh, I think they have food on them. Or maybe they just ate recently. Will they notice me soon? The last one just kind of ran off. Maybe I'll yawn to give them a hint."