Brilliant Dragon

"You believe me to be no more than some senile old creature? I was born at creation and I will die long after you are gone. You stumble your way into my path because I allow it, you live at this very moment because I allow it. Listen very carefully, child of the mountain, I no longer allow it."
— An echoed voice from the peak of Iscoania

The Lit Sky

  From the very first days of existence, the Eight Lands has been inhabited. Not by mortals, not even by anything living as we know them today. The first were those born of the light, radiating out into the universe with the rest of creation. Their forms have changed over millennia, or so they say, and now hold the form of dragons.   Their pure white scales shimmer like opals, with almost crystalline protrustions along their spine. Their skull is adorned with the same protrusions, though forming closer to antlers than crude spikes. Their eyes glow with the power of stars, and their claws burn with a heatless glare, almost like a halo of brilliant energy surrounds them.  

A Bright Sight

  Though most call them brilliant dragons, light dragons, or "those fookin' stories you keep yammering on about", the few that have deigned to speak to mortals refer to themselves as the Brilliance; a name of which no elaboration is ever given for. They have their individual names, such as the infamous Diondur of the Lit Night, but for reasons they do not provide, the name of the Brilliance is used to refer to them as a species.   No person, nor group of people, has ever managed to kill a brilliant dragon, and everyone who has ever attempted to do so has never been seen again. SInce the last mortal expedition to end their claims of immortality over a thousand years ago, brilliant dragons have all but faded into the background of the world; leaving the mortals to their lives.


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