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Sure, it may look adorable, but it'll accidentally set your house on fire if you're not careful.
  A small creature, ffuredraigs are commonly known as "ferret dragons" because they resemble a cross between a ferret and a lizard. They have long, slender bodies with equally long and slender tails. Their bodies are covered in thick, sleek fur except for on their underbellies and their forelegs, which are covered by smooth scale plates.   Ffuredraig fur is long, soft, and sleek. Browns, tans, whites, silvers, and greys are typical fur colourations, and mixes of colours are common. Their faces are typically either fully white, or have a dark, sable coloured mask. Their scales are universally bright and vibrantly coloured. Each individual ffuredraig has a single solid scale colour, and all hues of the rainbow have been documented. Some ffuredraigs possess small, vestigial wings. These are too small for flight or gliding, and seem to suggest that the species used to be capable of flight in Ages past.   Ffuredraigs have an innate ability to produce small bursts of fire from their mouths, capable of igniting kindling and dry wood and paper. Their fur is an excellent insulator, and they are able to tolerate both cold temperatures and intense heat for extended periods of time. Flames will barely singe the outermost layers of their fur. Ffuredraigs intentionally start small fires at night time if there is no other source of light, which seems to be a survival mechanism against the Creeping Night rather than as a means to stay warm.   Ffuredraigs are a rare example of an egg laying mammal. Females typically lay between two and four eggs per clutch, and nurse their young for up to two months.   Ffuredraigs are highly social animals. In the wild they live in groups of up to twelve. They have an uncanny ability to pack bond with other species, often befriending cats, dogs, and especially humans. Once, they were observed pack bonding with a herd of capybara. They are easily tamed and easily domesticated. They become miserable and lonely if isolated from others of their social group.   Ffuredraigs are intelligent and curious, and like to investigate strange new things. They are easily distracted by toys, and will attempt to hoard objects they like. Shiny objects and Prismarine gemstones are especially attractive to ffuredraigs, and they can become obsessed with hoarding such items.   They love to play, including playfighting, which typically involves what is commonly referred to as a "war dance", and short vocalizations that sound like "dook", or "duke". This sometimes gives them the nickname "Dukeling". Playfighting can also involve small bursts of flame from their short muzzles.   Like most wildlife species in Prismaria, ffuredraigs are not endemic to Prismaria, having been introduced via an Iridian Bridge in a past Age. They have been documented for the last three Ages, and artwork of similar creatures have been found dating back four Ages.
by Dutrius
A ffuredraig. This one has typical fur colours and green scale plates.
Scientific Name
Mustela Draco
12 Years
Average Weight
1.0 - 2.5 kg
Average Length
50 - 60 cm
Geographic Distribution


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