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I'm not saying that something bad is going to happen after Luddin appears in the sky. What I'm saying is, something is going to happen.
There are only a few superstitions that are commonplace among most, if not all, of the races inhabiting Prethoria. Luddin is one of them. The star is more commonly known as the Herald of Change, and only appears in the sky on very rare nights and usually not for long. People believe that whenever the Luddin's light shines upon Prethoria, somewhere in the world something important happens. It may be nothing crucial at first, but it will bring a major change one way or another. And the brighter the star is, the longer it stays visible — the bigger the changes are going to be.   Luddin is located in the middle of the Sky Well, and the star is known for its brightly red colour. In fact, on the frequent occasions when one of the Prethoria's three moons obstruct Luddin, its presence can still be seen with part of the obstructing moon(s) coloured red. Many people believe that red moons are a bad sign, even more so if two or three of them touch Luddin at the same time; others claim the opposite, saying that the moons actually protect Prethoria from the star's influence.  

Origin myth

Some nutjobs actually believe that they can summon Luddin's spirit by performing a ritual at the appropriate time! And they expect him to grant all of their wishes, no less!
— Archmage Tath the Kobold
For thousands of years, elves have told this tale among themselves. One of the great Dragon Lords of old, Luddin, was so feared among other races that they all united in an effort to destroy it. Luddin's body was torn to pieces and became mountains, its blood became lakes and rivers, and its soul became the core of a new star. The light of that star is merely a reflection of the ancient Dragon Lord's anger.   The same myth exists in all other cultures, although the details of it vary. The dwarves believe that both Luddin's soul and his body were imprisoned in a star, and one day he shall break free of his shackles and return to these lands. Minotaurs question the identity of the being trapped inside the star, while grey orcs claim that the Dragon Lord's spirit is still free and only his still-beating heart serves as the star's core. Other races have their versions as well. And humans... humans just believe in whatever story sounds the most exciting to them personally.
Alternative Name(s)
Herald of Change

Sky Well

The three moons of Prethoria are used by its inhabitants to measure time. For a single night every year, all three of them meet in a single area in the sky, called the Sky Well. They slowly move closer to a certain point, and at exactly the moons eclipse each other. it is believed that Luddin is located right at the centre of all three moons at that moment, and there are some records of it. However, given the rarity of the required circumstances, such situations are very few and far between.  

Dragon Lords

All dragons are considered to be incredibly dangerous creatures; to say that about a Dragon Lord would be a huge understatement. Those creatures, discerned from ordinary dragons by the crown-like scale growth on their heads, are often blamed for the extinction of entire cities and countries, if not races. Incredibly powerful, they are the leaders of the dragon race and horrendously bad omens for everyone else. No one has seen them in a long time, but their myth still exists to this day.

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