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Dragon Lords (myth)

It is a very strange myth if you ask me. Why be so afraid of something that has not happened for such a long time?
— Emperor Jaymond the Wise
No one has seen a Dragon Lord for so long that many believe them not to exist anymore. Despite that, and maybe even partially due to that, the appearance of a Dragon Lord is seen as an extremely bad omen to this day. It is believed that those legendary creatures could only be seen in times of great turmoil and blood, one where entire races would perish in war.


It is believed that the Dragon Lords, dragons with a crown-like scale growth on the head, are omens of upcoming blood and destruction. Creatures of legendary power, they are told to be capable of destroying entire countries on their own. Just a mere rumour about the appearance of a Dragon Lord could be enough to cause panic.   The difficulty of discerning the existence of the crown from a distance does not help either. As a result of it, that fear is associated with common dragons as well. Many scholars suggest that the common folk, unable to tell the truth, tend to base their judgement on the situation around. Due to that approach, they attribute all bad events to a recent sighting of a dragon and call the dragon a Dragon Lord if something bad happened afterwards, further contributing to the myth.

Historical Basis

The Dragon Lords are, most likely, the leaders or even deities of their race. This theory is supported by the fact that they were often seen leading dragonoid armies throughout history. Most of such recorded sighting go way back to the period of dragons' dominance, thousands of years ago. Given the general ferocity of dragonoid armies, it would be no surprise for their armies led by a Dragon Lord to cause a huge impact on the surrounding nations, which could have very well given birth to this legend.
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