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Perisian Emperor

The emperor of the Perisian Empire was the highest position in the Perisian Empire.


To qualify for Emperor, it was required that you be a member of the Perisian Senate and at least a proficient mage. An unofficial requirement was that you must be of noble birth and live in Le coeur.


After the previous emperor is taken by the The Temple, the new emperor would be elected the following day.


Managing and running the Perisian Empire. The Perisian emperor had many takes such as overseeing the senate and managing the military.

Grounds for Removal/Dismissal

The Emperor would be be absorbed by the Temple every year during Judgement due to the immense power and prestige of the title and the commonality of emperor worship during the 1300 years of the empires existence.


The title of emperor was created as a focal point for the people of the Perisian Empire to concentrate their admiration and distain for. This gifted the individual immense power but also insured that they would be taken during The Temples passing.

Cultural Significance

The title was considered holy by many Perisian citizens and cult worship of the emperors can still be found in some areas.
Discontinued during the opening years of the third era.
Form of Address
His holiness
Source of Authority
An Emperor of Perisia was said to have the Temples providence. The Emperor would be elected from the imperial senate.
Length of Term
One Year
Related Locations
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