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The Perisian ethnicity and culture is the most numerous and widespread on Potestatem thanks to the long rule of the Perisian Empire.


Major language groups and dialects

The Perisian Language, also widely referred to as common, was the official language of the empire during it's rule over most of Potestatem. The empires policy of "civilizing" local populations saw an especially vigorous spreading it's language to local populations, which was resulted in much of the planet now using various dialects of common even after the empires end.

Culture and cultural heritage

The culture of Perisia, also commonly known as the common culture, was spread in similar manner as it's language accross the empire. While some regions such as Memphia and the Hazfen Empire retained their unique cultural identity other regions such as Ydnac Lond largely embraced common culture.

Shared customary codes and values

Chivalry is a code created by the Perisian nobility to dictate how one should act. It is a code dictating that a noble should be demonstrate courage, honor, courtesy, justice, and a readiness to help the weak.

Average technological level

The Perisian people achieved many magical feats during their hay day. Not even the  people of the Dawn Empire or Hazfen Empire have since achieved such high magical capabilities. This is attested to in the magnificence of Le coeur which still has not been surpassed in terms of magical marvels located in the city.

Common Dress code

The dress code for nobility (as seen above) emphasizes vivid colors and dress. The common folk in comparison wear practical and inexpensive clothing such as pants and jackets.

Art & Architecture

Perisian art and architecture, also known as common art and architecture, can be seen throughout Potestatem. The castles, sculptures and cities found in locations such as Ydnac Lond are examples of Perisian influenced art and architecture.

Common Customs, traditions and rituals

The most common cultural tradition is the celebration of Lacuna during the week it is named after. This is a festive time in which communities breath a sigh of relief after the turbulent month of Judgement. The festival is widely observed across Potestatem thanks to Parisian cultural influence, even in areas which were less effected by it.

Coming of Age Rites

A Perisian is considered an adult at the age of seven. At this time it was traditional for one to select the trade which they will work in.

Funerary and Memorial customs

When a Perisian dies, it is customary for the body to be incinerated with a fireball spell.


Relationship Ideals

Perisian relationships were often diverse and open minded. Due to the mixing of species because of the size of the empire, Perisian romantic and plutonic relationships could consist of any matching of sentient species and the gender of those in the relationship was seen as unemportant.

Major organizations

The Perisian Empire is the empire responsible for the widespread nature of Perisian cultural idenity.
Related Organizations


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