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Account from South Foisham Jungles near Flazborg

"I once saw a Nyxz. I swear it on me own fuhgin soul. As the myth goes all four moons were dark. Everyone knows not to go out on full night nights. But me mah was sick something terrible. The well was dry, but the neighbors cows were turning the mud water to milk so I went to go borrow some milk from em'. Soon as I stepped out the door I realized what kinda night it was. Not a single moon in the sky, even the stars were darker for it, not brighter. I at least had the sense not to light a torch. I knew the path right well, walking it for forty years. So I stumbled the mile walk in the dark.   bout right at the last bend before the neighbors come into sight I saw there field. Twas the same as always but I got a fright! One of their scare crows was up really tall and I could see its shadow on the dim starlight. I laughed at the jump and was happy to be near. Then I hears it. The voice of the Nyxz. Just like my papa said the destroyer itself sounded like, unnoise. I could hear the sound of my heart and my breath going elsewhere. Quieter. The bugs, the night creatures, and the wind went out.   I dove something hard for the side of the road. Nearly took my head off on a stone when I landed. I crouched there, not even able to right hear my own breath. Then the voice comes again. Its the neighbors. I hear my heartbeat come back into my chest and I think he's scared it off. I hear him calling for his kids.   "George! Sally! Come inside now! Not the time to be playing!" He yelled. I wanted to tell him to stop yelling. But I ain't made a peep. That selfish act saved me. The field shakes and I see's a glimpe of it now. had been right in front of me. I see the backward elbows, the arced back, the spine of stretched skin. Now you might ask, how you see it if it's so dark!, it was visible like a shadow is visible. It was eatin the air around it. I see it crawl upside down on it's four palms into the field.   "Sally! Is that you?" I hear him again. I stand, and I run back home. Alls I hear after that is.   "Yes papa!" and I never did go back to check. A few days later I saw a group of slivers go by with some extra cow meat and food. I figurin they found the place empty. Poor sods. Now they got the Nyxz on em.

Basic Information


Nyxz are four limbed creatures with a cuved body in the center. The creature appears as a human crawling on their hands upside down. All documents regarding their further biological knowledge were destroyed nine hundred years ago by the sentienls.

Biological Traits

Nyzx have been described by the few who have described encoutners with them as light, flexible, ancient looking, and somewhat large in overall size, mostly in limb length. Through carefull research in the field I have identified a possible Nyzx who has been described the same way by several different people, including elderly elves, dating back to the third era. Meaning their lifespan could be up to one thousand or more standard years.

Genetics and Reproduction

Theoretically Nyxz follow the rules of demons and are created via collections of their own soulish mass in specfied areas of the abyss. Their layer is theorized to be infintly low in the abyss due to their absurd strength.

Ecology and Habitats

Nyzx only requirment for habitat is darkness. Usually located within the deep Foisham Jungles, Dawn Mountains caves, underdark, and a few outer planes with tendancies towards darkness.


Nyzx prey on weak, intelligent, and isolated creatues. Luring pray through mimicry of noises they learn by stalking their pray, they kill with brutal strung out methods. Intelligence of a cruel understanding is shown as the Nyzx almost always captures and kills weak victims and tortures them to make them sound off many different points of data for them to later mimic against their stronger allies.   This is shown for example in Nyzx capturing children, low muscle mass, or otherwise small pray. While their allies come to the realization their friend is missing, the Nyzx will flay, stab, and cause pain in their vicitm and learn their behaviors as a result. Using this they enrage, panic, or draw out their allies into isolated traps. The Nyzx often uses the still living ally to stun the others in the group while it then descends on them to kill.   While this is already absurdly cruel there is one fact that drives home the Nyzx inherent evil like other demons. The Nyzx is extremely powerful. The creatures displays natural resistance to magic, common weapons, and often outsmarts even naturally intelligent humanoids. So while the Nyzx is cruelly clever in it's methods of capture, it is unneccsary. The Nyzx could likely simply attack the group head on and sustain minimal injuries. Instead, it draws out the physcial and psycholigical pain of its chosen victims as much as possible.

Additional Information

Uses, Products & Exploitation

The most famous, and little known, exploitation of the Nyzx was by the Perisian Empire. While many dismiss it as childhood legend, there is great evidence that Th├ínatos "The Destroyer"was a Nyzx. Through careful never before done or replicated experiments it is said the Persiands captured a Nyzx and exspoed a unique propety of it in order to make the creature into the dreadfully vaunted Destroyer.   Moving into true myth the stories all share one common thread, the Nyzx is an avatar. An avatar is a projection from the gods of Potestatem into the material plane. Avatars can range from ghostly apprations that deliver messages, to kingdom crushing titans. The Nyzx is theorized to be an avatar of a forgotten god. Some say it's the avatar of old death, others of the fourteenth temple god, or perhaps one of Repleti Inanis, Temple God of Warlocks's many dark outer gods. Either way, the Nyzx are foreign to the material plane, but still haunt it.

Facial characteristics

The head of the Nyzx is usually a pale to dark green tint with transparent skin. The skin appears stretched and the skull and orfices of the face are easily visible through the skin. Viens, dark hair, and other disgusiting features are often reported.
Scientific Name
Abyssal - Demon - Infintitus
? - 1000+ Years
Average Height
Average Weight
Average Length
Body Tint, Colouring and Marking
Fairy tale and surviror drawings of the Nyzx. Many survivors were driven mad and their drawings reflect as much.
Geographic Distribution


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