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Murriet Ocean

The ocean surrounding Murriet is well known for harsh storms and unpredictable weather. This, combined with the inherent increased difficulty of using magic in a naturally changing landscape such as found around water, makes ocean voyages and exploration difficult from and around Murriet.   The tidal system in the ocean is driven by Poneren's moons and neighboring planet. It's also believed that Murriet, while not an active volcano itself, is likely in an area of unstability within the planet, increasing the difficulties of making the ocean very accessible.   This belief is well-founded, as the density of people on Murriet has caused planetary instabilities due to their use of magic and its interaction with both the planetary systems and the "natural" laws in the area. After the invention of Lexology and its wide acceptance alongside the reintroduction of science, the instabilities of the ocean became less pronounced and more ocean travel became possible.


The ocean around Murriet has complex tidal systems driven by Poneren's moons and the occasional nearness of the neighboring planet. Waves from the ocean can be quite tall, leading most early settlements on Murriet finding themselves having to balance the convenience of accessible land nearer the shore against the dangers the water itself can bring. Protected bays and coves are at a premium on Murriet, yielding the best land while providing protection from the dangers of the ocean itself.


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