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Fullent Slang

Various phrases have cropped up locally to Fullent as slang in that capital city.  


juf-fin - /JUFin/ (adj.)
Used to note that an option is acceptable. A portmanteau of "just fine".   ex. "It's juffin to go to Retnouc's Counter for a snack."  


land-ies - /LANDeez/ (noun)
A derogatory term used to refer to the hunters, farmers, miners, and other families that lived outside of Fullent doing manual labor.   ex. "The landies should keep to their part of the market."  


leg-gins - /LEGins/ (noun)
A derogatory term used between ~400-600 referring to Berkhamites due to the commonly shorter pants and shorts worn in that area.   ex. "Emswort attacked the leggins, but somehow they fought back."  

navy tax

na-vy tax - /nayVEE tax/ (noun)
A term referring to any project that has increasing costs and never is likely to end. A money pit. Refers to the Tiveley navy which is constantly being "built" but has never left the harbor.   ex. "My brother tried to start a business. Turned into a navy tax. Now he's got a job as a waiter."  

old brothers

old bro-thers - /old BROthers/ (noun)
A phrase referring to the nations of Emswort and Darter due to their past and continued close relationship.   ex. "The old brothers are adding a new tax on our exports."


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