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Flight of Light

With a group of of three, Flight of Light is based in Fullent, but travels all around Murriet performing magical shows of light and illusion.  


Head Magician

The head magician is responsible for creating the illusions that frighten or wow the audience, depending on which show is being performed. Extremely adept at illusions, few can match the skills demonstrated in the Flight of Light's shows.  


The storyteller is responsible for writing the stories that are performed.  

Stage Hand

The stage hand takes care of all of the physical props and stage setup.  


Although each of the three has their own job, all three are capable of doing all of the jobs in Flight of Light. They will frequently trade off jobs, gaining experience in the areas that they are less capable in and giving new ideas to the troupe.  



A standard Flight of Light show will tell a fictional history story. While the story pulls on historical elements, liberties are taken to make the plot more exciting and give more opportunities for special effects to wow the crowd.  


The Flight of Light accepts commissions, often for large gatherings and parties by ritch benefactors. For these performances they (at an additional cost) have been known to write a special show to meet the desires of the patron and to fit into the patron's needs.  


The cost of a show depends on the venue and can range significantly. Small villages and towns often will have free shows, funded by room and board and tips. The troupe uses these opportunities to test new material. Larger towns and cities are less likely to have free shows, with the price per head depending on the complexity of the story being told.   Commissions and private showings cost vary by audience and story requests.
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