The Haunted Tailor


Our adventurers come to Seconvale to seek glory, funds, and helping the realm, finding out about a ghost overtaking an old tailors.



Seconvale. This small town has seen better days. the streets are shoddy, the government is deemed to be insufficient at best, and the guardsman incompetent at worst. People have been here for generations in order to farm the countryside, and be a main staple of trade throughout the kingdom of Drakenvald. Textiles are the main export and every so often a sheppard with his sheep can be found traveling in the city. The river itself also happens to be the only source of a sewer, trade system, and depending on the well in the town square, the main source of water for the town. Rea Dai'Gishkin has been called to this town in particular due to her formal training as a paladin of Rhamnasia having reached its conclusion. Her trainer believes that Seconvale is corrupted because of the influence of demons, and it is her goal to find them, and exorcise the town of its filth. The buildings themselves (in the poor district) are made of wattle and daub, with thatch-work on some buildings, but the town has started to use limestone, due to the availability in the mines a quarter days ride out of town. Since there is no regular sewer system save for the river, the town is expected to have a bit of a smell quite often, however most people who live here have learned to ignore it. Disease is also quite common in the poorer areas. the river runs through town, about 1/4 of the town is on the other side of the river, which happens to be the commercial district, holding two inns, and most large trading businesses. The town itself also boasts a wall covering the majority of the city save for the river, which has had the embankment raised in order to better protect the city using stone from the local quarry. The wall itself is made of treated wood, in order to resist potential fires.

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