Summoners Greeting

An essential practice for any Summoner who wishes to call creatures from the divine realms to their aid.


Created and highly documented first by Belia Shinescale she created the systematic approach to befriending a creature that a summoner calls upon. The process has been refined appropriately to allow summoning stronger creatures, and creatures with specific requirements.


In order to gain the

Components and tools

A summoners bag, A candle, Knowledge of a summoned creatures name, either through research, innate knowledge, or finding the name in another summoners bag or a scroll.

In addition to the above, some creatures depending on what they are, may require additional components. Creatures of good nature may require flowers, Creatures of evil nature may require blood to be spilled (after trial and error, only a few drops of blood suffice.), creatures of law require a written contract be placed inside the bag as well, and creatures of chaos require food appropriate to the creature, usually some sort of meat.

Creatures of very specific types that are primordials of Air, Earth, Fire and Water, Each one requires a small bit of that specific element in order to work. And finaly, creatures that can only be summoned in specific


Key roles in the ceremony are split into two categories. The Summoner, and the Summoned. The summoner must make deliberations with the summoned in order to ask its permission to summon it in the future. This will usually involve a deal to be struck from the summoned in order to continue summoning it in the future. This will usually involve a conversation, a contract, food, or other means specific to the summoned creature itself.


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